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Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


Some months ago, while traveling in Colombia, I encountered the fruit Granadilla for the very first time. It’s a variety of passion fruit, but very sweet and mild rather than sour. It quickly became a favourite and as my husband wasn’t too fond of it I always got his Granadilla too whenever it was served to us as a dessert.

Doughnut plant, New York City

Monday, December 21st, 2009

All kinds of yummy doughnuts!

A couple of days ago we came home after a spending a whole week in New York City. It was an incredible week, full of delicious food and sights! One day we decided to get some doughnuts at Doughnut Plant. They use all natural ingredients without any transfats and no preservatives. It was extremely tough to choose just one so we decided to skip lunch and ended up with a whole box that we brought back to the hotel along with some coffee. Yum! Did I say yum? Double yum! Triple yum! Yum yum yum! They were the best doughnuts that I’ve ever had! Please Santa, open a Doughnut plant in Stockholm! Please!

This is how happy you look when you have a box of doughnuts!

This is what we bought: Tres leches doughnut, marcipan doughnut, vanilla bean doughnut, 2 Crème brûlé doughnuts (caramelized doughnut filled with crème brûlé), square doughnut with peanut butter glaze and blackberry jelly, blackout doughnut (chocolate doughnut filled with chocolate pudding and covered in cake crumbles) and coconut glaze doughnut with coconut cream filling. And no, we did not manage to eat all :-(

I think this was my favourite one; a square doughnut with coconut glaze and coconut cream filling. Amazing!

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002

Airplane food

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Those of you who know me, know that I travel every week which means that I spend quite some time in airplanes. I’ve never been a fan of airplane food but as I often arrive at the airport in the very last minute with an empty stomach I frequently grab a bite on the plane. When flying with SAS food is included when flying Economy Extra but not Economy. For Economy there’s a flight shop with sandwiches and cookies, often much better than the free meals in Economy Extra. However I’ve learned the hard way that Swiss don’t offer anything except of a free small and dry sandwich when flying economy, you don’t even have a chance of buying something. So if I don’t have any time to eat before flying Swiss I at least buy some chocolate before boarding as I can’t stand their sandwiches even when I’m hungry. Yes, they are indeed very bad.
Last week my breakfast was frozen; my fruit yoghurt was frozen yoghurt and my wet wipe was completely stiff as it was frozen as well. The orange juice was like Slush Puppy. At least I woke up :-)

What do you think about airplane food? Do you have any favourite airline?

SAS, Economy Extra, dinner on flight from Zürich to Stockholm. Potato salad with smoked salmon. Cheese. Nut and caramel cake. Toblerone chocolate. Free drinks included. Quite nice food actually, being airplane food.

SAS, Economy, breakfast on flight from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Normally when buying breakfast in Economy you get a different breakfast than Economy Extra. However this time I got the same. Warm bread, brie, some kind of ham, orange juice, orange jam, fruit yoghurt.

SAS, Economy Extra, dinner on flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm. I think this was supposed to be pasta salad with pesto and salami. Since the pasta was horrible I just had the salami, bread and the Plopp chocolate (one of my favourites).

Cats and ice cream in Rome

Friday, May 9th, 2008

The cat sanctuary at Torre Argentina. Note the similarities between the sleepy Roman cat and Bowser in the header of my page.

There were two places we visited every day when in Rome with my mother. The first place was the cat sanctuary where volunteers take care of abandoned cats. The personel is very friendly and very keen to show you around. Most of the cats live outside in the ruins, but there is also a shelter inside for cats in need of extra care. We visited the room where they keep cats in need of extra special care and we came out with tears in our eyes after meeting a brain damaged cat and one without any eyes. Please make sure to visit them and leave a donation when in Rome.

The other place that we accidentally passed by every day was Giolitti to eat their delicious ice cream…

The cat sanctuary at Torre Argentina

Forum Romanum.

Forum Romanum

Somewhere in Trastevere.





Ice cream or cream actually…

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Long time no see… I can’t believe it’s been two months since I last posted, and those months have been really hectic with a trip to Italy, Easter celebration, my birthday, work…. But let’s start with the house. The house with a capital H, a lovely house that we never thought we would buy. We just went there to look at it, because you have to start somewhere when planning to buy a house. It was too expensive but gorgeous in every way and we fell in love. We put in a bid and a few days later, when in Rome with my mother, F called me and told me the happy news: “We’re house owners!” After coming home from Rome, which was a gift from us to my mother for her 60th birthday, we immediately started preparing our apartment so we could sell it. No renovations were needed, only homestyling and packing half of the apartment in boxes, that are now at a storage center, so it would look as airy and lovely as it actually is. Now our super central apartment is sold and in one month we’re moving to a place with beautiful nature and where we have a five minute walk to the beach. I’m really enthusiastic about it as I’ve never lived in a house; I’m a true city girl. But I’ve already planted tomato and watermelon (!) seeds and every evening before going to sleep I look at the pictures of the house and the garden.

But for now let’s focus on food. These photos were taken in Rome when me and my mother were at Giolitti , one of my favourite ice cream bars in Rome. However we were a bit unlucky and seemed to have ordered more cream than ice cream this time…. But since we ate ice cream 3 times a day during our stay, it wasn’t really any catastrophy!

After digging through the whipped cream we finally found the ice cream!
Without the whipped cream the whole construction wasn’t very stable and the waiter shouted from the opposite side of the room when my chocolate wafer started to tip over so I would catch it..
It was impossible to eat all whipped cream, so it was put beside...

Café Blikle, Warszawa

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Delicious tasting pączki, polish doughnuts.

I’m sorry for my long absence. Last Sunday we came home after spending a long weekend in Warsaw. My plan was to prepare some automatical posting for the days I was gone, but I didn’t have any time to prepare the posts. And the day after we came home I caught the flu. I still don’t feel fully recovered, but at least I have the energy to blog!

A fantastic poppy seed cake decorated with different kinds of raisins.

Our weekend trip to Warsaw was fabulous, but too short. We arrived on Wednesday late evening and came home on Sunday afternoon. My dad came home to us and took care of the cats which was very sweet of him. We met both family and friends in Warsaw and we had a lovely time. I hadn’t meet my relatives since ages and for F it was his first visit in Poland. As always in Poland we ate delicious and hearty food, mostly at home at relatives and friends but we did have time for a visit at Café Blikle and a visit to a pierogi restaurant were they serve polish dumplings. We also visited a weird but very cosy café together with my cousin A, but I’ll write about that one and the pierogi restaurant in separate posts.

Outside Café Blikle.

Café Blikle is a classic and traditional café situated on one of the most popular streets in Warsaw called Nowy Świat (meaning new world). The business was started in 1869 by Antoni Blikle and has been in the same building since then. Just beside the café is a A.Blikle pastry shop and a A.Blikle delicatessen, which can also bee found on other locations in Poland. The brand is very famous for their pączki (Polish doughnuts) but don’t miss the rest of their delicious pastries and cakes. In the café menu you can also find breakfast and lunch alternatives, but we went there only for a coffee and something sweet.

Café Blikle has a large variety of tea but we opted for some coffee which was excellent, F had an Irish coffee and I had a cappuccino. We ordered two pączki which had the classic filling of rose bud marmelade and we shared a poppy seed cake. The pączki were really lovely and the poppy seed cake was the best one I’ve ever tasted and I’ve had a lot of poppy seed cakes :-) I love cafés with waiters which isn’t very common in Sweden and the service here was great and the waiters were very professional. The café is quite expensive in polish measures but it’s a classic venue that everyone should visit at least once when in Warsaw.

Inside A.Blikle’s pastry shop, just beside the café.

Inside A.Blikle’s pastry shop, just beside the café.

Inside A.Blikle’s pastry shop, just beside the café.

Inside A.Blikle’s pastry shop, just beside the café.

Nowy Świat, the pretty street were you among others can find the Blikle café.

Café Blikle
ul. Nowy Świat 33
Warszawa, Poland

A food blogger meeting in Tallinn

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

From left to right: Me, Kristina from Clivia’s Cusine, Anne from Anne’s food and Pille from Nami-nami.

On Monday evening I, Anne from Anne’s food and Kristina from Clivia’s cuisine took the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn in Estonia to meet Pille from Nami-nami. The monday evening and night was spent on the ferry and on Tuesday morning we arrived in Tallinn.

We first went for a morning coffee at Double Coffee in the shopping mall Viru Keskus where I enjoyed a banana latte, with whipped cream and banana liquer, which wasn’t quite what I had expected but it was really good. Maybe not the ideal breakfast though :-)

Pille, Kristina and Anne at Kuldse Notsu Kõrts.

After some strolling in the shops it was finally time to meet up with Pille at the Town Hall. It was so nice to finally meet sweet Pille and she directly took us for lunch at Kuldse Notsu Kõrts, a restaurant with traditional Estonian food, where we first exchanged gifts and then had a lovely lunch. We got Estonian recipes and a nice soap that smells like tar (!) which will be perfect when I’ll go for a sauna with Fredrik to the bath house the next time. Kristina and Anne received marzipan figures while I got a cute clay cat as I had already received a marzipan frog with the blogging for post parcel that Pille sent me before summer. And we gave Pille cups from Höganäs to match with her teapot.

Meat in jelly with potatos and a very hot tasty Estonian mustard.

For starters we shared meat in jelly with potato and a very hot Estonian mustard, which I really liked. Pille told us that the dish is very typical in Estonia especially for special occasions; just as in Poland. For main I had a great casserole with chicken liver and mashed potoates which was very nice. Liver is underestimated and really tasty.

Chicken liver casserole.

I enjoyed the food very much at Kuldse Notsu Kõrts, it was hearty and delicious. Instead of eating dessert at Kuldse Notsu Kõrts, Pille showed us beautiful Tallinn and we then went to Chocolats de Pierre where we had lovely chocolates and desserts together with coffee. I loved the interior and I wish that we had a place like this in Stockholm. After the coffee we had some more sightseeing and shopping and then it was finally time to get back to the ferry again. Thank you so much kind Pille for our lovely day and that you took your time with us. Thank you for the lunch, the gifts and for showing us Tallinn! And a big thanks to Anne and Kristina for the great travel company.

Coffee, cake and chocolates at Chocolats de Pierre.

The cosy interior at Chocolats de Pierre.

A view over beautiful Tallinn.

Spiced almonds outside Olde Hansa. My husband loved these and luckily Pille has a good recipe on her site.


Saturday, September 8th, 2007

I basically ate one waffle every day, they are delicious! On the photo is a waffle with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and hot melted chocolate in a small cup.

First of all I want to apology for my absence, I went to Brussels for a course last Sunday and didn’t come back home until yesterday late evening. I actually had my laptop with me so that I could blog, but it turned out that I didn’t have any internet at my hotel. Anyway, for me Brussels is waffles and chocolate so I hope you’ll forgive me with these photos. My impression is that every second shop in Brussels sells chocolate, but of course that isn’t the case :-)

Window shopping at Neuhaus.

Window shopping at Neuhaus.

Window shopping at Neuhaus.

Window shopping at Neuhaus.

The top layer from my 0.5 kg chocolate box from Pierre Marcolini, recommended by Anne who ordered one for herself as well. The chocolate is amazing.

The bottom layer from the chocolate box from Pierre Marcolini.

Chocolate coffee beans from Neuhaus, lemon marshmallow from Pierre Marcolini, assorted chocolates from Neuhaus and in the background salt and caramel chocolates from Corné Port Royal.