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Soup lunch at Steinbrenner & Nyberg

Monday, January 30th, 2006

Cake buffet

The wonderful cake buffet that follows the soup.

(Sorry for the poor photo quality. All photos were taken with my cell phone)

One of my favourite lunch places is Steinbrenner & Nyberg. I’ve written about them before, as I often buy lovely cakes with delicious mousse there.

The lunch served at Steinbrenner & Nyberg costs 75 kronor and it may sound much, but it is an all you can eat buffet which isn’t quite common in Sweden. Each day they serve a delicous soup and a variety of freshly baked bread. To the bread there’s butter and cheese. For dessert there’s a cake buffet where you can eat as much cake as you want (!!). And the cakes are not just the standard ones, these are great with lovely mousse fillings. Coffee or tea is included in the price as well.

Fredrik takes soup and bread

Fredrik takes some soup and bread.

When we were there last Friday they served “Sunny red Shrimp soup” which was very nice and the dessert table was just as lovely as always. My favourites this time were the cakes KaffeNöt (hazelnut brownie covered with a layer of nougat truffle and a layer of espresso mousse) and Passionsfrukt (spongecake covered with a layer of banana curd and a layer of Passion Fruit mousse). There were also other lovely cakes, but these were my favourites.

Sunny red Shrimp soup

Sunny red Shrimp soup

Steinbrenner & Nyberg
Ö. Larmgatan 6
031-80 20 28

Mon- Fri: 07:00-20:00
Sat: 09:00-17:00
Sun: closed
(I’m not sure about the lunch hours, call them just in case)
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Autumnal walk

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

Yesterday I handed in my laptop and cell phone, so this is my first day off from work. As I hadn’t visited my parents for such a long time I decided to see them today. On the bus I read the local newspaper Metro. When I arrived I told my father about a mushroom article in Metro, about the current mushroom season and that there are plenty of them in the woods.

My father is a great mushroom expert and he always picks huge amounts of them which he and my mother either dry or freeze. The dried mushrooms are used in two of the Christmas dishes: uszki (= small ears) and pierogi, which are almost like a kind of tortellini.

My father was quite surprised about the article as he havn’t seen any mushrooms during the last weeks, however he picked a lot earlier this summer/autumn so he got very excited and suggested that we should all go out and search for them. I borrowed a pair of rubber boots and then we went by car to Hindås, which is just outside Gothenburg. We had a very nice autumnal walk and the weather was lovely, but just as my father suspected, no mushrooms… at least no edible ones. I found some bilberries though, and we had a very pleasant walk in the the woods.

Indiska Hörnet and some words about lunch

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

Today’s lunch, vegetarian stew, take away from Indiska Hörnet.

Today I realized that I never write about lunch. I know that lunch habits differ depending on which country you live in, in Norway -for example- people eat sandwiches for lunch. In Sweden we always eat warm lunches, that means if you’re not in a hurry and just have to grab a sandwich. At school the children get warm meals as well, but not as unhealthy as in the UK as I’ve seen on Jamie’s special programs about the British school food. At my office most of the people bring their own food and just heat it in the microwaves that we have. Most of the time I bring leftovers, but sometimes I go to one of the restaurants that are rather close to our office or I buy a shrimp salad for take away. There are 3 restaurants in the neighbourhood where you can have lunch for about 65 SEK. The food can sometimes be nice, but it’s often quite fat.

Today, as I’m working from home, I bought take away food from Indiska Hörnet which is a rather new Indian restaurant. I got a large vegetarian stew with naan bread and salad for only 49 SEK, which can be considered cheap especially as it was bought in one of the central parts of Gothenburg. I’m sorry to say that I’ve had better Indian lunches; it didn’t have enough spices but in the end I got full ( I got so much food that I could’t finish it) and I was quite satisfied. I’m sure that the food at Indiska Hörnet is better in the evenings, so I’ll give it another try someday for dinner.

And the follwing is what I’ll be having to my coffee later, a Hallon-wienerbröd bought at Hanis Hembageri in Saluhallen… But now I have to continue working….



Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Saluhallen on Kungstorget is the biggest indoor food market in Gothenburg. It was built in 1889 and was originally designated for meat commerce but nowadays all kinds of food is sold here. It is one of few remaining indoor markets in Sweden and it was declared historic building in 1985. The building is a good example of late 1800s construction in iron and glass. There are about 40 different stores and places to eat at, and I really like to stroll around here and just smell all nice scents of food. If you’re hungry you can get a nice hot meal for little money or you could just take a fika (coffee and cake). Regardless if you’re looking for a special bread, cheese, meat or spice you’ll probably find it here. There is often a market trading just outside Saluhallen where you can buy nice vegetables and flowers. I’m really happy to say that we from last week live a very short walk from here. During weekends this is where we buy freshly baked bread and kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) or Wienerbröd (danish pastry) for breakfast. I’m sorry that theese photos don’t smell, but you’ll just have to improvise.

BIG Margarita at the Big Bar

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Me and a huge Margarita

Last autumn I went to a technical integration conference in Chicago. It was my first visit in the U.S. and I only stayed for less than 4 days. Even though I was busy with the conference I still managed to see some of the city and the country and I even found some time to visit the Shedd Aquarium. But most important was that I was able to meet my my dear Godfather and his family. It’s a special feeling to visit the U.S, I see all sorts of American programs on TV every day but it still isn’t the same as being there. There were so many small things that I reacted to; that every store has a “greeting person” at the entrance, the big Columbus Day parade that I ran into, all friendly people, the lack of McDonalds (!) (In Sweden we have one i every corner), etc etc. Chicago is a beautiful city and I really hope to visit again some day, just to feel the atmosphere and see more of the city.

The last night all the conference participants were invited to House of Blues for a special concert, and afterwards some of the Swedish participants went to the Big Bar at the Hyatt Regency where we all stayed. The bar is apparently the longest free-standing bar in North America and they are known for their BIG coctails and BIG desserts (that I didn’t know when I was there, but you could imagine how disapointed I am that I didn’t try any of their desserts…). But I still tried their huge Margarita, which was really nice but impossible to drink all by myself….
If anyone wants to visit the Big Bar in Chicago, the address is 151 E Wacker (in the Hyatt Regency). But don’t order any of the BIG drinks unless you have someone to share it with!

Here’s a Margarita recipe from Drinksmixer if you prefer a normal sized one.

1 1/2 oz tequila
1/2 oz triple sec
1 oz lime juice
Rum the rim of a cocktail glass with lime juice, and dip in salt. Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into the glass, and serve.

Mi Noodlebar

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

This Saturday me, Fredrik, my brother and a friend went to Liseberg which is a really great amusement park in walking distance from our home. It was spring premiére and we went to try the new ride Kanonen (the Cannon) which is a roller coaster that reaches a speed of 75 km/h under two seconds (!!!). I was very nervous before the start, but the ride was truly great!!! Then we took a ride on Balder, my special love… Balder is the biggest wooden coaster in Scandinavia and I love it. I never knew that you can love a roller coaster but I really do… Every autumn when they close Liseberg for the winter I get really sad. But as the season just has started I’ll have plenty of time for as many rides as I want to :-) After the rides we ate freshly baked waffles with whipped cream, ice cream and jam. It was wonderful to sit on a sunny park bench eating waffles. It was a great day even though I lost a lot of money trying to win teddy bears and chocolate…


After some hours at Liseberg we all got hungry and went to my favourite noodle bar in Göteborg, Mi Noodlebar on Västra Hamngatan. When I go to Mi, I tend to always order the same dish: Salmon with Teriyaki sauce and wooked rice for 79 SEK. The dish is really nice, and even though the Ramen dishes are very nice as well no one beats the great Salmon dish. The sauce is exellent and the wooked rice with eggs is delicous. We usually don’t eat any starters, we just go for a main course and a dessert (always deep fried banana with bean paste and ice cream), but this time our friend ordered really nice dumplings before the main course (salmon for all) and we all skipped dessert as we had already eaten waffles. The salmon was great as always, and we all enjoyed our meal. I really recommend this noodlebar as the food is exellent, the prices are very reasonable and the staff is friendly.

Salmon with Teriyaki sauce

Sorry for the bad photo quality, the photos were taken with my cell phone.

The Wine God

Wednesday, January 12th, 2005

In Gothenburg there’s a very cosy and nice Italian restaurant called Toscana. We use to go there rather often, sometimes for dinner and sometimes just for a glass of red wine (they import really tasty wine). The owner, Francesco, is very nice, kind and very Italian :-) He doesn’t speek Swedish, only English and Italian, and he gladly talks with everyone. His adorable baby daughter is often seen at the restaurant, taken cared of by Francesco’s cute mother (who does most of the delicious desserts at Toscana), by Francesco himself at the same time as he pours up some wine at the bar counter or by Francesco’s wife.
As we are frequent guests (unfortunately we havn’t been there for a long time now), we were invited to Francesco’s birthday and a late opening dinner of the restaurant last summer. It was a lovely evening with wonderful food and a mixture of different people. And the Tiramisú made by Francesco’s mother was absolutely amazing! There was a nice intimate atmosphere that evening (as always when we’re there) and we willingly sang the Italian birthday song (tanti auguri a te! tanti auguri a te!).

There’s a weird painting at Toscana, I think that it’s supposed to be a cow and there are horns on the painting. Anyway, we call the painting the Wine God and it’s absolutely compulsory to toast to the Wine Good when we are there. Sometimes when we’re at home or somewhere else drinking wine we try to remember the Wine God and toast to him in the approximate direction. That can be tricky when we’re abroad, but I hope that we toasted to the right direction when we were on the Maldives, or else the Wine God would be really angry :-) Of course dear Francesco doesn’t know about our toasting and crazy ideas, he surely loves his painting and doesn’t have a clue about the Wine God.

When at Toscana, we often order Penne Fattorini which is a pasta with a hot tasty tomato sauce served with fresh ground pepper and a lot of parmesan. To that you get a delicious focaccia that I love to in the sauce. Yummy!

My own Penne Fattorini

Here’s my own recipe for Penne Fattorini, not so good as at Toscana but not so bad either:

Penne Fattorini

500 g crushed tomatoes (from can or box)
1 big onion
2 garlic cloves
a lot of ground pepper
some cayenne pepper
a pinch of sugar
1 stock cube (vegetable)
Olive oil
250 g Penne

(serves 2)

Chop the onion and the garlic cloves, and fry in olive oil for a couple of minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients and let it simmer under a lid for 25 minutes. Don’t forget to add a lot of pepper, it should be really hot and nice!
Cook the pasta al dente, and then mix the pasta with the sauce. Serve with a lot of parmesan cheese and more ground pepper.