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Lux, Stockholm

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

OK, I realise it’s been an insane amount of time since I posted. But I won’t come with all my excuses, instead I’ll just post about the great dinner that I had yesterday at Lux with Anne, Lena and our significant others. A delicious meal with good friends, it can’t get any better!

Lux is a restaurant focusing on Swedish flavours using local producers near Stockholm. As an example the pike we ate was caught by a fisher below the Skuru bridge, just close to where I live. During the meal the dishes were served with detailed descriptions, down to the name of the farmers. I highly recommend a dinner at Lux, especially if you’re a foreigner and want a good Swedish meal since the menus will always be seasonal and local. The tasting menu that we had yesterday is valid for July and August, however they will be closed between July 19th and August 20th.

Starter, not mentioned on the menu. Asparagus in two variants (deep fried and as a crisp) with mayonnaise. Salmon with pickled cucumber. Cucumber juice as palate cleanser. I liked the asparagus the most.

Everyone got something called a pharmacy; a tray with various small bottles and things including a lollipop! Every time we were supposed to use something from the tray we were told by the waiters. After the starter we ate the first thing in the pharmacy, a radish with butter and salt.

Mackerel from the Swedish west coast, spice simmered with lumpfish roe
from Simrishamn, tomato, creamy vinaigrette and poached Grebbestad oyster.

Nice taste but a lot of difficult textures.

Scallops from Fröya, wine boiled and roasted, with Elmsfeuer rhubarb from Gotland, soy dressing, sorrel and rye bread.
Very tasty, the rhubarb and toasted rye bread croutons were a very nice pairing to the rest of the dish.

Next we we’re told to drink our little bottle from our pharmacy. It turned out to be a drink made of Queen of the Meadow (Älgört). It was refreshing and left an aftertaste of buckwheat.

Veal steak from Snällebo, tenderized and lightly grilled with iced celery from Östhammar, raw shaved forest mushroom and parsley cream.
The veal had been tenderized for three weeks and was nice but I don’t think anyone really liked the iced celery.

Close up of the veal.

Close up of the iced celery and the parsley cream. I do wonder who AT is.

Whole primeur chicken from Hagby farm, roasted with steak sauce, spice marinated duck liver, fresh pepper and pickled cabbage.
In the foreground you can see the lollipop from the “pharmacy”.

We were told to use our small grater and the small piece of horseradish that was in our pharmacy.

We got some warm soft bread to scoop up the sauce. Yum! This was the highlight of the savory dishes.

Hornudden’s tomatoes. Basically a cold tomato juice.

Pike from Skurusund in Mälaren, water baked with stuffed zucchini flower, butter seared brill, garden vegetables and fresh herbs.
The pike came in three different variants of which one was a raw cream. I did not like the pike in the zucchini flower, but the brill was tasty.

Frostmofjäll goat cheese from Gullspira farm, in thin slices, with warm goat cheese milk, small pancakes, sorrel and almond cream.
Here we used the maple syrup that hid in the dark bottle with the pipette. Delicious!

An extra dessert not mentioned on the menu. A classical Swedish cheesecake with tangy rhubarb.

A small scoop of ice cream, either bilberry or caramel with the fruit “sprinkles” from our pharmacy. Nice ice cream, but not even near the best I’ve had.

Strawberries from Stenhusegård, juice simmered and chilled with sorbet of Eskesta dairy sour milk, Enskede elderberry and oat muesli.
Strawberries in different variants, including jelly, frozen and compote. Yum!

We had the last dessert and coffee out on the terrace. In the background Chocolate cake Grand Gru with raspberry and marmalade with coconut. In the foreground a lollipop with soft caramel filling.

And some chocolate to the coffee before finalizing with the lollipop from our pharmacy. Through out the dinner we also had different kinds of warm bread, although I did not include them in this post.

Doughnut plant, New York City

Monday, December 21st, 2009

All kinds of yummy doughnuts!

A couple of days ago we came home after a spending a whole week in New York City. It was an incredible week, full of delicious food and sights! One day we decided to get some doughnuts at Doughnut Plant. They use all natural ingredients without any transfats and no preservatives. It was extremely tough to choose just one so we decided to skip lunch and ended up with a whole box that we brought back to the hotel along with some coffee. Yum! Did I say yum? Double yum! Triple yum! Yum yum yum! They were the best doughnuts that I’ve ever had! Please Santa, open a Doughnut plant in Stockholm! Please!

This is how happy you look when you have a box of doughnuts!

This is what we bought: Tres leches doughnut, marcipan doughnut, vanilla bean doughnut, 2 Crème brûlé doughnuts (caramelized doughnut filled with crème brûlé), square doughnut with peanut butter glaze and blackberry jelly, blackout doughnut (chocolate doughnut filled with chocolate pudding and covered in cake crumbles) and coconut glaze doughnut with coconut cream filling. And no, we did not manage to eat all :-(

I think this was my favourite one; a square doughnut with coconut glaze and coconut cream filling. Amazing!

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002

Bento box at Kungsholmen

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

In February four restaurants in Stockholm had a 50 % discount on food Mondays to Wednesdays. My plan was to book a table at F12 but I was too late and I was only able to book a discounted table at Kungsholmen. I can’t say that I was very impressed, the bento box that I had was good, but I’ve had better sushi (latest it was take away sushi in Copenhagen from Sticks’n'Sushi). The bento box at Kungsholmen contained all sorts of sushi but no warm dishes and three different dipping sauces were included. The ordinary price for their bento box is 325 SEK which is quite pricy. My dessert was really plain and I didn’t even finish it. But still we had a good meal and a nice evening. I hope there will be more 50 % discount months at other restaurants as it’s a great opportunity to try different food and places.

Yum Cha at Berns, Stockholm

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

For a lovely afternoon treat I recomend going to Berns for a chinese afternoon tea, Yum Cha. For 175 SEK you get to choose an exclusive tea and 3 various appetizing dumplings with dip sauces. But the best part is the last one: the amazing dessert buffet with gorgeous mini desserts.

Various mini desserts, for example crème brûlé with lemon grass and passion fruit/saffron shot.

Guess who’s happy? :-)

Yum Cha at Berns Asiatiska
Mon-Fri 14:00 – 18:00

Thai take away and our 3 furry guests

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Chicken spring rolls with soya and garlic sauce. 60 SEK

Weekdays we usually cook a quick dinner after work and then we try to relax. Those evenings when we’re so exhausted that we just want to sleep we go for something even quicker, take away. Lucky for us we have a Thai take away close by. Nok thai take away, as it’s called, has its kitchen in a truck almost hidden beside a road. The food is excellent but unfortunately, because of the climate, they don’t operate all year. But for now they’re still there and feed us when we’re too tired to cook.

Today was definitly a take away evening and after bringing home the food we sat by the kitchen table and talked about our day at work. Suddenly a roe deer passed by just outside, followed by her two baby deers (photo further down). We’ve seen the roe deers in our garden a lot during the summer, but this is the closest we’ve seen them. And I can’t possible be angry on them, despite the fact that they ate ALL my carrots, ALL my beets and half of the physalis plant earlier this summer. They are too beautiful for that and I love the fact that they come by almost every evening.

Photo taken in rush through the window: Mother roe deer with one of her babies, the second one just outside of the photo.

Chicken skewers marinated in coconut milk, with peanut sauce. 70 SEK

The cake castle, Taxinge slott

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Last year Anne and Per took us to the cake castle Taxinge slott, 60 km south of Stockholm. We were thrilled over the amazing cake and pastry buffet, all baked locally at the castle. Since then F has been constantly talking about it, despite our fullness after the visit as we had too many cookies and cakes. So when my parents were visiting last week we decided to go to the castle and it was a huge success. But once more we were enchanted by the big selection and had too much :-)

The cake castle is situated in beautiful surroundings just by the lake Mälaren and I highly recommend going there. Directions can be found on their homepage.

Taxinge Slott
Opening times for the café:
Jan-April: Sat-Sun 11-16
May-Aug: every day 11-18
Sept: every day 11-16
Oct-16 Dec: Sat-Sun 11-16

Me and my parents.

The castle.

Lake Mälaren.

Beware of Hurry Curry

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

Dish from Hurry Curry

On Friday evening we were quite tired and decided to buy some take away food from Hurry Curry just near Hötorget. A big misstake. It was the worst take away food we have ever tasted. Above you can see my dish, some kind of vegetarian stew with spinach and potatoes. Fredrik chose chicken. Both dishes lacked any taste at all and they were badly over salted, I like salt but not this much. It was really unedible, so the food ended up in the trash and I made some sandwiches instead.
I read that the dishes cooked at Hurry Curry are based on one of Lotta Voltaire’s cook books, so I was surprised that the food turned out to be horrible. I really hope that the chef just had a bad day, but it doesn’t matter as I’ll go to another restaurant next time.

Smaka på Stockholm

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

Salvia and Alder smoked Salmon, egg creme flavoured with dill and Sweet Cicely and summer potato salad with asparagus
Wine tasting Lime and Basil Pannacotta with Rhubarb and Strawberries from Villa Söderås Fondberg's tent
Meatballs from Villa Söderås

Smaka på Stockholm, or “Taste Stockholm”, is an annual event in Kungsträdgården here in Stockholm. The event is all about food and drink, and you can try quite a lot of the food that Stockholm’s restaurants have to offer. Many of the Stockholm restaurants are represented at the event where they sell various dishes in their tents. The event started yesterday on June 1st and will end on June 6th, so you still have time to visit it. But I really need to warn you, it’s incredible crowded and be prepared to stand in a long queue to get your food, especially if it’s from a popular restaurant. My tip is to go to the area behind the scene where it’s less crowded and either do some wine tasting at Fondberg’s tent or try the magnificent pannacotta at Villa Söderås’s tent. At Fondberg’s you can buy a wine package which consists of either 4 samples of red wine or 4 samples of white wine for 50 kr. You can also try different champagnes or even dessert wines with chocolate. And don’t forget the amazing Lime and Basil Pannacotta with Rhubarb and Strawberries for 45 kr at Villa Söderås, I just loved it.