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Buttermilk in Stockholm!

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Sweden does not produce and sell buttermilk (kärnmjölk) commercially since year 2000, so I was very happy when I found buttermilk in one of the Polish grocery stores the other week. If I remember correctly, I believe that I paid 14 SEK.

Herkulesgatan 26, Stockholm

iPad Cake!

Monday, February 7th, 2011

On Friday evening I received a cool delivery from Swedish/Danish dairy company Arla; a whole cake shaped like an iPad!!! Arla is launching an iPad application this week so their PR company decided for a different approach delivering tasty iPad cakes!


Friday, March 19th, 2010

Photo from Philipson & Söderberg

I’m waiting impatiently for spring but the whole garden is still completely covered in snow. However last week I got a taste of summer as I got to try the new (for Sweden) sparkling wine Fresita. It’s a lovely sparkling wine with fresh strawberries and it’s all natural without any artificial colourings or flavourings. I really liked it and I’ll definitely keep a bottle or two in the fridge during summer.

My own lazy organic muesli

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

I hope I havn’t mislead you with the title as this isn’t really any recipe. I love trying out new products so when I saw Saltå Kvarn’s new muesli site where you choose between a wide range of organic and ecological ingredients creating your own muesli mixture and get it delivered home I just had to order. Especially since they have loads of different frozen dried fruit which I just love. To my mixture I added a lot of frozen dried raspberries as I always eat them straight out the Kellogg’s Special K Red berries box. If you know anywhere I could get hold on frozen dried raspberries or mango, please let me know! Anyway, as you add ingredients to your muesli you’ll see all nutrition facts which is great if you want to control the amount of fat or carbs. I noticed that my mixture wasn’t extremely healthy but that’s OK as I tend to eat it as a snack rather than a breakfast. When you’re finished with picking your ingredients you name your mix and then you get it in your mailbox within 3-5 days. It’s quite pricy, especially when choosing a lot of frozen dried fruit like I did. But it’s all ecological and/or ecological depending on ingredient and really tasty. I just wish there was an option to skip the muesli base that you have to choose, so you would be able to order organic corn flakes with your choice of fruit.

Here’s my mixture, if you would like to try it:

    Daggi’s berry blast
    (My organic muesli composed on Min Müsli)

    Ingredients (all organic or ecological):
    Muesli base (oat, wheat, corn and rye), 240 g
    Frozen dried raspberries, 6 scoops (24 g)
    Crunch 1 scoop (23 g)
    Frozen dried bilberries, 2 scoops (20 g)
    Amarant cornflakes, 1 scoop (20 g)
    Frozen dried mango, 2 scoop (18 g)
    Canihua, 1 scoop (15 g)
    Buckwheat puffs, 1 scoop (12 g)
    Frozen dried pineapple, 1 scoop (11 g)
    Frozen dried strawberries, 2 scoops (6 g)

    Nutrition value per 100 gram:
    Energy 1315 kJ /314 kcal
    Protein 8.7 g
    Carbohydrates 61.4 g
    Fat 3.4 g

Flødebolle from Sv. Michelsen

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

This morning I woke up to a snow covered landscape outside the windows. I immediately came to think about the box of flødebolle that I bought at the airport in Copenhagen a few days ago. Fluffy snow like marshmallows covered in chocolate. There are a lot of different varieties of chocolate coated marshmallows around the world, for example tête de choco, Mallobars and Schokokuss. However they all originate from Denmark. The flødebolle I bought are very special and luxurious. They are handmade and come from Sv. Michelsen. The bottom consists of marcipan, the marshmallow filling is creamy and delicous, and finally it’s covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate. Just like I wish snow would taste like.

Something from Pottery Barn

Friday, June 27th, 2008

I guess that most of you figured out what was in the parcel. Thanks to one of the Daring Bakers, Katie at KBK Bakery’s Adventures in Baking I was able to get my hands on the drink dispenser from Pottery Barn that I so much wanted. She kindly helped me with buying and sending the huge 8 litre dispenser that I finally got a few days ago after my struggle with the customs. Thank you so much again Katie for offering your help!

Center with strawberry, lemon & chili

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Every time I shop groceries I notice more and more classic chocolate bars with new “modern” flavours. I’ve tried Daim Forest Fruit (not very good) and Plopp Tutti Frutti (even worse than the Daim Forest Fruit), and I must say I prefer the coffee variants of those chocolate bars. Milk chocolate doesn’t really go well with artificial fruit flavour, but still I had to try Center with strawberries, lemon and chili when I saw it in the store. I must admit that I liked the combination of milk chocolate with strawberry and lemon caramel and then the hot touch of chili (however very unnecessary). But in the end I guess that I’m boring, I prefer my Daim and Center plain. I can’t understand why they insist to use chili in everything and also sea buckthorn which is included in almost every food product nowadays, but that’s another story.

Mini trays

Friday, April 6th, 2007

I found these cute mini trays at Stockhome which is a store in Stockholm, for 20 SEK each. They come in different patterns and are perfect for a cup of coffee or tea on the balcony now when spring is here.