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Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Easter baskets with samples of Easter food, called Swienconka

I’ve just returned from church where we’ve been for the traditional blessing of Easter food. Every family decorates a basket and fill it with samples of the Easter food which will be eaten tomorrow on Easter day. The tradition is only common in east European catholic countries and the church is always filled with people and baskets.

Happy Easter to all of you!


Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
Tarte buraki z chrzanem
Grated beetroots with horseradish

Ćwikła isn’t quite easy to pronounce so I’ve always just called it buraki, because that’s what is is. Buraki simpy means beetroots and this is a typical Polish condiment, served with roast or any kind of smoked meat or sausage. It is a must on the holiday table, regardless if it’s Christmas or Easter. Ćwikła basically consists of grated beetroots and horseradish. I prefer it with as much horseradish as possible, really hot and nice. Make a try next time you’ll make a Sunday roast!

    Dagmar’s buraki
    (makes 1 jar)

    800 gr beetroots
    20 gr (or even more) horseradish
    5 tbsp lemon juice
    0.5- 1 tbsp Maldon Sea Salt

    Clean the beetroots but don’t peel them. Boil them in water for about 1 hour, until they’re soft. Let the beetroots cool and them peel them. Grate the beetroots as finely as you can, myself I use my parmesan microplain. Just be careful not to get any nasty stains! Grate the horseradish aswell and mix it with the beetroots. Add the lemon juice and the salt. Taste. Add more horseradish if needed, this dish is supposed to be stingy. Fill up a hot sterilized jar with the mixture and keep in the fridge.

Grate the beetroots carefully

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 15th, 2006


Happy Easter!! I’m on my way to church now, with a small basket. Every year, on Holy Saturday we go to church to bless our Easter food. We prepare a Swienconka (Easter Basket), which contains samples of the Easter food. Each family decorate the basket in their own way and the most common contents of the basket are salt, pepper, bread, horseradish and boiled and painted eggs. But there are many variations. I love this tradition which is only common among Eastern European Roman-Catholics. When I was I child I put a lot of effort in painting the eggs for the basket. This year I tried to be effective and put food colour in the boiling water, but all the eggs remained white :-) For more information about possible contents in the basket, read my post from last year.

For the first time in my life I’m not celebrating with my family in Gothenburg, but one good thing is that I and Fredrik will visit his old Grandmother and we will bring Easter food, Västerbotten pie and Rhubarb cake with us. She’s really looking forward to us coming and I’m sure we’ll have a nice time. But now I have to run to the oven so that the cake won’t get burned and then we’re off to church. Happy Easter!

Easter Dinner

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
I totally forgot to make a post about Easter Dinner so here it comes. We went to my parents and as usual we had a lot of food. The latest years my mother has calmed down and doesn’t cook as much as when we were kids, but she still makes a lot of food. So we ended up with an enormous amount of food to take home :-) But it’s one of the best things with holidays, when you get home and then fill the fridge with all delicous leftowers that you got from “home”.

Here is everything that we ate this Easter Dinner. Earlier years we had even more, but we don’t eat as much nowadays :-)


Jajko Swiecone
(First we shared one of the blessed eggs and wished each other good health and other nice things, see previous post)

Eggs with mayonnaise and roe

Salatka z rakami
(Shrimp salad)

Salatka kartoflana
(Salad with potatoes, carrots, peas, mayonnaise etc)

Sledzie w smietanie
(Herring pickled in Créme Fraiche and onion)

Smoked Salmon

(Polish sausage)

Kurczak w galaretce
(Chicken in jelly)

Main courses:

Fillet of Pork with mushroom sauce

Fish burgers

Fish in sauce


Makowiec z serem & Sernik
(Poppy Seed cake & Polish baked cheesecake)

Tort czekoladowy
(Chocolate cake)

Sernik na zimno

Traditional blessing of the food

Saturday, March 26th, 2005

Easter Basket, Swienconka

As a Catholic and with a Polish origin, Holy Saturday is a day when we go to church for the traditional blessing of Easter food. We bring baskets containing samples of the Easter food, Swienconka, decorated in various ways. The blessing of the Easter food is an old and lovely tradition that I’m raised with. I don’t think that the tradition is common for all Catholics, only for Eastern European Catholics. People put great effort in decorating the baskets and it’s nice to look at the beautiful baskets at church.

The content of the Easter basket varies from family to family, and here are the most important contents and their meanings:

Pisanki: Coloured boiled eggs symbolize life and rebirth, and especially Christ’s Resurrection from the Tomb.
A peeled boiled egg: The same meaning as above, the egg is shared with the family on Easter Dinner.
Kielbasa: A spicy sausage of pork products, indicates God’s favor and generosity. In the old days, all types of pork were forbidden until the coming of Christ when it became acceptable.
Baranek Wielkanocny: A sugar lamb, representing Christ Resurrected. It’s a typical Polish Easter symbol.
Pepper and Horseradish: Symbolize the bitter herbs of the Passover and the Exodus.
Bread: Symbolizes Christ, “the Bread of Life”.
Salt: “You are the salt of the earth.”
Vinegar: Symbolizes the gall given to Christ at the crucifixion.
Wine: Symbolizes the blood of sacrifice spilt by Christ at the crucifixion.

In my family we don’t bless neither vinegar nor wine, and as I didn’t have any Polish sausage nor Horeseradish at home, I had to go to church without them. Tomorrow on Easter Day we will have an Easter Dinner and before the dinner begins, the whole family will share the peeled boiled egg and exchange best wishes to each other.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!