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Requiem for a rhubarb

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

This is Fredrik writing. I’ve lurked behind the scenes of the Kitchen Cat ™ for so long, i thought it’s time for me to make an appearance.
I am a great supporter of the endevor that this blog entails. Not only do i find it entertaining and amusing to read like anyone else, but I also have the pleasure to be the target of the actual food experiments you only get to read about.
But there is one season of the year which sets the gentle eating order of my life into disarray. It begins thus:

Episode I: The rhubarb menace
An untimely visit to Dagmar’s brother happened to take place in the daytime, mid spring, thus bringing his garden into sunlight. This would normally not be something to avoid, if you are not, like me, determined to keep a certain person from thinking about rhubarb and what to do with it.
Dagmar’s brother’s garden has these foul abominations a plenty – and they caught her eye, no doubt devilishly using their dark mind tricks to lure her.
One carrying bag full of this weed, a bus trip and some recipie scouring later, the kitchen was in full blaze, and I knew I was the future victim

Episode II: Attack of the rhubarb
At this point I would like to remind the faithful reader, and inform the new of the sheer amount of rhubarbiness (which incidently is a new word I needed to invent) which took place this past season:

Rhubarb Cornmeal Cake
Rhubarb syrup
Rhubarb and strawberry jam with vanilla
Rhubarb mania (an absolute smattering of rhubarbiness)
Fraises & rhubarbe: Tarte d’été (dont let the french fool you, it’s still rhubarb)

… and these are only the ones she wrote about.

Needless to say, I was powerless against this onslaught. While strawberry had an attempted comeback (beeing the preferred foodstuff for the 3 P’s: Pie, Pastry and Preserves) it did not prevail. Nor did I. In the end i found myself liking rhubarb. Loving rhubarb. Craving Rhubarb.

So here we are. I am a converted rhubarbitarian (another new word) and the season is as far away as it can be. There is still a bottle of rhubarb syrup in the fridge, but I hesitate to drink it; it will surely run out too soon.

Rhubarb – come back!


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