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Euro Blogging By Post 1

Thursday, August 4th, 2005

Surprise, surprise… What’s inside?

Today when Fredrik went to the store for some fresh bread and a newspaper for breakfast, he checked our mailbox that is in the house entry and found a dispatch note from the post office. He immiately knew that it was the parcel from Euro Blogging By Post 1 that I was expecting. When he went to the post office to get it, they told him that they hadn’t recieved the parcel from the main post office yet and asked him to come back in an hour. So we had a nice breakfast even though I was extremely

curious and then we went for the parcel together. When I finally got the parcel I was very excited and on our way back home we tried to guess what could be inside the parcel that we saw was sent from London.

The lovely parcel was from Jenni at Pertelote and I have to admit that I had never read her food blog before… Shame on me, but at least I nowadays have a new nice food blog to read! It was very exciting to open the parcel and it was a nice surprise. The first gift was a cute cookie package with a red and golden ribbon that contained home baked cookies!!!

The cookies are Anise-flavoured from an Aldeburgh Cookery School recipe. The spicy vegan cookies smell incredible nice and taste delicious (I’ve never tasted vegan cookies before, but they are really good) . She also included a recipe of the cookies, and a little can with Anise so that I can bake them myself!

I also got dried Strawberries which were very nice and sweet, maybe I can use them in a cake or just eat them as they are… :-)
In the parcel there was also a cute pink book called “The Etiquette of English Puddings – Fine and Delicious Recipes”. I will definately try some of the recipes!

“Better have some of a pudding
than none of a pie!”

(The Etiquette of English Puddings)

I really enjoyed my parcel, thank you so much Jenni for your generousity and effort! And thanks to Andrew at Spittoon for hosting this great event, on this page you can read the round-up (that is being updated continuously as the participants writes about their received parcels).

All the contents in the wonderful food parcel from Jenni.

I will participate in the next round as well as it was really funny and exiting. The blogging by post event is a lovely way of sharing favourite, personal or local food and getting to know other food bloggers. I just hope that the poor (?!) receiver of my parcel will enjoy the Swedish delicacies that I have sent… :-) Here to the right you can see my parcel that was sent a few days ago and is on it’s way to a Euro Blogging By Post participant, maybe to you? :-) I almost got a shock at the post office though, the dispatch costed me 205 SEK (about $27 or £15)!!! But I don’t mind, the most important is to have fun and to share internationally, this event isn’t about money.

(And yes, my food items are packed in an old wine bag-in-box… :-)