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Late Sunday Breakfast

Sunday, January 9th, 2005

“Äggmacka med Kalles Kaviar” and a cup of green tea

I love Sunday mornings, and Saturday mornings as well. Normally I don’t have time to eat breakfast so I make a basic cheese sandwich that I eat at work. On weekends I can sleep forever and afterwards I can eat a late breakfast, preferably my favourite one: Äggmacka med Kalles Kaviar, which is a sandwich with sliced boiled eggs and a Swedish caviar called Kalles Kaviar. Kaviar is a classic sandwich paste made from cod roe and Kalle is the blond boy who is on the tube – his father was the managing director at the time of the product’s launch in 1954. In Sweden Kalles Kaviar is a product that probably can be found in all refrigerators.

Kalles Kaviar