Who’s that cat?

The cat is actually not one cat, but these three wonderful British Shorthair cats:

Tanuki (S*Bergholmens Quando)

Yoshi (S*Britt-Maries Charlie)

Bowser (S*Hufflepuffs Gideon Grevé)

And who am I, the person actually writing this blog?
My name is Dagmar and I live in Stockholm, Sweden together with my husband Fredrik, our little son Gabriel and our 2 cats Yoshi and Tanuki (Bowser has moved to my parents in law as the other cats were giving him a very hard time). Originally I’m from Poland, but I was born and raised in Sweden. I have a very exciting job that involves programming, bank connectivity and financial accounting within SAP at an international consultant company, and as I hobby I write this blog.

Dagmar with a biiiig Margarita

A very happy Dagmar with a very big Margarita
(at the Big Bar in Chicago).

I love to cook and bake, even if I’m far from professional. Sometimes I manage very well and sometimes it’s a total disaster like when I baked bagels for the first time and I started a fire in the kitchen…please don’t ask me how. But most of the time no incidents occur, except of the time when I made my own candy and got a serious burn when the hot melted sugar got stuck on my fingers (I had to visit a nurse every day for 2 weeks to re-bandage the injury).
Anyway, cooking and baking is fun and relaxing for me. There’s nothing better than to experiment with my own or others recipes, especially when the outcome turns out well and you can make others happy with the result. You can say that I’m a feeder, I love providing people with my homebaked goodies.

Please write me an email (acatinthekitchen at gmail dot com) if you have any questions or tips.

Happy cooking!


The curious reader may wonder why our cats have so strange names. All our cats are named after characters in the video game Super Mario, and Yoshi and Tanuki have also Japanese meanings as I’m really interested in Japanese culture and language.

Yoshi: means both best and happiness in Japanese which is perfect since Yoshi was my first much longed-for cat. Yoshi is also one of the characters in the Super Mario video games. As my husband works as a game designer and as we both like video games this name was perfect.

Tanuki: is a Japanese atypical species of dog. In Japanese folklore it is described as a magical racoon-like dog with shape-shifting powers. Tanuki also appears in the game Super Mario, as a costume that the hero Mario wears.

Bowser: doesn’t unfortunately have a Japanese meaning. The character Bowser’s full name is King Bowser and he’s a turtle-like dragon that also appears in the Super Mario games. Bowser is the hero Mario’s arch-nemesis, and automatically an enemy to Yoshi as well as Yoshi is a friend of Mario. Bowser is a very suitable name for the moment as he unfortunately doesn’t go very well with Yoshi and Tanuki.

Dagmar and kitten Yoshi