David Chang, microbiology and fermentation.

Some weeks ago I had the honor of attending a fun cooking event at Electrolux with chef David Chang, the owner of Momofuku. He has been awarded with the White Guide Global Gastronomy Award and thus visited Sweden during a couple of days. The Swedish chefs Magnus Nilsson, Mathias Dahlgren and Sayan Eriksson also participated in the cooking event. The event was a bit special since the theme was microbiology and fermentation. David Chang held a presentation about his work in the Momofuku lab where they experiment with fermentation and different kinds of molds…

Already during the presentation we each received a plate with fermented rice and barley and three kinds of miso (pine nut, almond and pistachio). It actually tasted really good. The presentation was very interesting and David Chang is a great speaker.

Afterwards Magnus Nilsson spoke about fermentation at his restaurant and we got to try a couple of dishes.

Above you can see how crowded it was in the Electrolux kitchen (the Swedish culinary team actually practices here). From left to right you can see Magnus Nilsson, David Chang, Sayan Isaksson and Mathias Dahlgren. Standing on the opposite side of the table, in stripes, is chef Klas Lindberg who won the prestigious title “chef of the year” in January.The whole event ended with lots of scrumptious food served by the Swedish culinary team. Delicious!

Swedish television filmed the event, and you can see a short 5 minute program below. Most parts are in English. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of me (dressed in orange) and also my fellow food blogger Anne.


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    September 4th, 2012 22:55

    He seems like a great chief. But aso i like his smile and simplicity. thx for sharing!

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