iPad Cake!

On Friday evening I received a cool delivery from Swedish/Danish dairy company Arla; a whole cake shaped like an iPad!!! Arla is launching an iPad application this week so their PR company decided for a different approach delivering tasty iPad cakes!

4 Responses to “iPad Cake!”

  1. Daga
    February 10th, 2011 00:34

    Looks fab! What kind of cake is it? How did you get it?

  2. Dagmar
    February 10th, 2011 23:14

    The cake was based on sponge cake, with two fillings: vanilla custard and whipped cream. It was delivered to my door in a cake box by a delivery company.

  3. Jessica's Dinner Party
    February 17th, 2011 09:34

    Whoa! I love all the careful detailing.

  4. Scott at Real Epicurean
    February 27th, 2011 18:52

    A very cool cake, hopefully cheaper than a real iPad!

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