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OK, I realise it’s been an insane amount of time since I posted. But I won’t come with all my excuses, instead I’ll just post about the great dinner that I had yesterday at Lux with Anne, Lena and our significant others. A delicious meal with good friends, it can’t get any better!

Lux is a restaurant focusing on Swedish flavours using local producers near Stockholm. As an example the pike we ate was caught by a fisher below the Skuru bridge, just close to where I live. During the meal the dishes were served with detailed descriptions, down to the name of the farmers. I highly recommend a dinner at Lux, especially if you’re a foreigner and want a good Swedish meal since the menus will always be seasonal and local. The tasting menu that we had yesterday is valid for July and August, however they will be closed between July 19th and August 20th.

Starter, not mentioned on the menu. Asparagus in two variants (deep fried and as a crisp) with mayonnaise. Salmon with pickled cucumber. Cucumber juice as palate cleanser. I liked the asparagus the most.

Everyone got something called a pharmacy; a tray with various small bottles and things including a lollipop! Every time we were supposed to use something from the tray we were told by the waiters. After the starter we ate the first thing in the pharmacy, a radish with butter and salt.

Mackerel from the Swedish west coast, spice simmered with lumpfish roe
from Simrishamn, tomato, creamy vinaigrette and poached Grebbestad oyster.

Nice taste but a lot of difficult textures.

Scallops from Fröya, wine boiled and roasted, with Elmsfeuer rhubarb from Gotland, soy dressing, sorrel and rye bread.
Very tasty, the rhubarb and toasted rye bread croutons were a very nice pairing to the rest of the dish.

Next we we’re told to drink our little bottle from our pharmacy. It turned out to be a drink made of Queen of the Meadow (Älgört). It was refreshing and left an aftertaste of buckwheat.

Veal steak from Snällebo, tenderized and lightly grilled with iced celery from Östhammar, raw shaved forest mushroom and parsley cream.
The veal had been tenderized for three weeks and was nice but I don’t think anyone really liked the iced celery.

Close up of the veal.

Close up of the iced celery and the parsley cream. I do wonder who AT is.

Whole primeur chicken from Hagby farm, roasted with steak sauce, spice marinated duck liver, fresh pepper and pickled cabbage.
In the foreground you can see the lollipop from the “pharmacy”.

We were told to use our small grater and the small piece of horseradish that was in our pharmacy.

We got some warm soft bread to scoop up the sauce. Yum! This was the highlight of the savory dishes.

Hornudden’s tomatoes. Basically a cold tomato juice.

Pike from Skurusund in Mälaren, water baked with stuffed zucchini flower, butter seared brill, garden vegetables and fresh herbs.
The pike came in three different variants of which one was a raw cream. I did not like the pike in the zucchini flower, but the brill was tasty.

Frostmofjäll goat cheese from Gullspira farm, in thin slices, with warm goat cheese milk, small pancakes, sorrel and almond cream.
Here we used the maple syrup that hid in the dark bottle with the pipette. Delicious!

An extra dessert not mentioned on the menu. A classical Swedish cheesecake with tangy rhubarb.

A small scoop of ice cream, either bilberry or caramel with the fruit “sprinkles” from our pharmacy. Nice ice cream, but not even near the best I’ve had.

Strawberries from Stenhusegård, juice simmered and chilled with sorbet of Eskesta dairy sour milk, Enskede elderberry and oat muesli.
Strawberries in different variants, including jelly, frozen and compote. Yum!

We had the last dessert and coffee out on the terrace. In the background Chocolate cake Grand Gru with raspberry and marmalade with coconut. In the foreground a lollipop with soft caramel filling.

And some chocolate to the coffee before finalizing with the lollipop from our pharmacy. Through out the dinner we also had different kinds of warm bread, although I did not include them in this post.

14 Responses to “Lux, Stockholm”

  1. sapphire
    July 11th, 2010 23:16

    Was it a set menu? I should check it out but there are some things I don’t eat (veal for example) and I wonder if the chef can accomodate for that.

    Anyway, lovely photos and the strawberries look amazing. mumms!

  2. Markus "LAKE" Berglund
    July 11th, 2010 23:20


    Kul idé, och mycket som ser underbart gott ut. Speciellt Snällebo-steken och glassarna! :-)

  3. Dagmar
    July 11th, 2010 23:54

    Sapphire: it was a set tasting menu, but they also have a smaller menu and a la carte. So I do believe the chef could accomodate for it.

    Markus: det var mycket som var väldigt gott! Mina favoriter var kycklingen och getost-historien. Och jordgubbsdesserten!

  4. Paula
    July 12th, 2010 09:00

    this must be so delicious!

  5. David T. Macknet
    July 12th, 2010 19:43

    Looks like a wonderful, drawn-out meal. Lots of good flavors, and bits and bites. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. D. @ Outside Oslo
    July 16th, 2010 18:31

    What a fun and interactive meal! It reminds me of The Corson Building in Seattle, in that it has a set menu in which the chefs get to be creative and showcase their culinary skills. Thanks for sharing!

  7. kitchenroach
    July 21st, 2010 04:00

    Just found your blog…love it.

  8. Lynne @ CookandBeMerryl
    July 25th, 2010 03:06

    This is such beautiful food! Some great ideas to try to duplicate at home. Thanks.

  9. Louise
    July 26th, 2010 03:25

    Whew! I don’t have any excuses as to why I haven’t been here in way too long so, perhaps, that makes us even:)

    I will tell you how I managed to arrive today though. I was in search of Horseradish Aioli which I happily found and bookmarked. I figured I would pop in to see what’s cooking today and lo and behold, a masterful post garnished with delectable delights. Sure sounds like your dining was quite an experience.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m thinking about doing a post for National Horseradish Month, July here in the states, if I do, I hope you don’t mind if I link to your post. Louise

  10. Sinead
    July 29th, 2010 23:37

    That bilberry ice cream looks so tempting and delightful, I’m wishing Lux wasn’t so faraway, for sure it looks like a dessert of dreams. I was in a play by Brian Friel, “Dancing at Lughnasa” there is a Celtic festival once a year on 1st of August, when the tradition is to pick bilberries, usually we make jam, now its got to be an attempt at ice cream. Thanks for the inspiration. Feelingfood.blogspot.com

  11. Annelie
    August 10th, 2010 06:26

    Najs blogg och bilder!

  12. Emily
    August 30th, 2010 21:56

    I just wanted to come by and say hello. I saw you on Foodblog.com and the title of your blog caught my eye. I adore your kitties! They’re so cute! And your blog is wonderful!

  13. alimonia
    September 1st, 2010 11:29

    i like your blog.. it’s very interessante and complete.. see you soon.

  14. Delishhh
    September 14th, 2010 16:40

    Just wanted to say love your blog!

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