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Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

This year we bought 2 kg of candy but not a single kid has shown up (yet) for trick or treating. But at least we had fun when carving pumpkins some days ago. I hope you’re all having a lovely day!

Halloween recipes that I’ve posted earlier:
Halloween cookies with cardamom
Mini orange cupcakes with chocolate

Airplane food

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Those of you who know me, know that I travel every week which means that I spend quite some time in airplanes. I’ve never been a fan of airplane food but as I often arrive at the airport in the very last minute with an empty stomach I frequently grab a bite on the plane. When flying with SAS food is included when flying Economy Extra but not Economy. For Economy there’s a flight shop with sandwiches and cookies, often much better than the free meals in Economy Extra. However I’ve learned the hard way that Swiss don’t offer anything except of a free small and dry sandwich when flying economy, you don’t even have a chance of buying something. So if I don’t have any time to eat before flying Swiss I at least buy some chocolate before boarding as I can’t stand their sandwiches even when I’m hungry. Yes, they are indeed very bad.
Last week my breakfast was frozen; my fruit yoghurt was frozen yoghurt and my wet wipe was completely stiff as it was frozen as well. The orange juice was like Slush Puppy. At least I woke up :-)

What do you think about airplane food? Do you have any favourite airline?

SAS, Economy Extra, dinner on flight from Zürich to Stockholm. Potato salad with smoked salmon. Cheese. Nut and caramel cake. Toblerone chocolate. Free drinks included. Quite nice food actually, being airplane food.

SAS, Economy, breakfast on flight from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Normally when buying breakfast in Economy you get a different breakfast than Economy Extra. However this time I got the same. Warm bread, brie, some kind of ham, orange juice, orange jam, fruit yoghurt.

SAS, Economy Extra, dinner on flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm. I think this was supposed to be pasta salad with pesto and salami. Since the pasta was horrible I just had the salami, bread and the Plopp chocolate (one of my favourites).