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Update on the kitchen garden

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Yesterday I harvested the first radishes!

Last weekend I went to Poland with mum and this week I’ve been in Denmark, Germany and Switzerland for work so it was wonderful to decrease my stress levels doing some gardening this weekend. It’s still cold during nights so most of my vegetable plants that I planted in early spring are still indoors. I’ve gone crazy with the planting and my husband counted all pots and plants to just below 100!! He actually did the counting after I came home and saw that one of the plants had died as he had missed to water it :-) The only plants outside so far are different kinds of carrots, radishes, red onion, spring onion, potatoes and sugar peas. And of course assorted perennial plants such as rhubarb, gooseberries, strawberries and white, red and black currant. Below you’ll see some of the vegetables that I’ve grown from seeds; missing on photo are corn (Ashworth), jungle cucumber, normal cucumber, pumpkin and probably something more. I’ve also included a photo of the rhubarb and some strawberry flowers.

The melon plants already have mini melons, probably thanks to the fact that I pollinated them myself with a small brush. I’ve planted Sweet Sibirian, Jenny Lind and cream of Saskatchewan melon.

Chilis! I’ve planted Anaheim, Early Jalapeno, Espelette, Hungarian yellow hot wax and Aji blanco cristal.

Tomato flowers. I’ve planted wild tomatoes, Black Krim, yellow pear shaped, Tumbling Tom, Hundreds and Thousands, Black cherry and Green Zebra.

Outdoors. The Rebecka strawberries, a mix between strawberries and wild strawberries are flowering.

The rhubarb is growing like crazy. It’s time to start making jam and pies.

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes!

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Seed potatoes with blue sprouts.

Some month ago I bought seed potatoes at Zetas, my favourite plant store. I was looking for some early potatoes and the only left were Ulster Chieftain. I haven’t tried them before so I don’t really know if I’ll like them. When I came home I placed the potatoes in a cardboard egg box and left it on a windowsill for a few weeks. After some time the potatoes started to sprout and today I finally planted the potatoes in a double pallet collar, which is the way I grow vegetables in my rocky garden. In 10-12 weeks I expect a lot of tasty potatoes!
Have you grown potatoes? Do you have any prefered variety?