Free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s

(Graphics from Ben & Jerry’s.)

Every year Ben & Jerry’s has a free cone day around the world and today April 21st it’s time again. Just go to your local scoop shop for a free scope of delicious ice cream. Swedish scoop shops can be found here. Check out Ben & Jerry’s site for more information.

(Graphics from Ben & Jerry’s)

2 Responses to “Free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s”

  1. Lorena
    April 26th, 2009 16:17

    I was looking for a quark cheesecake recipe and found this lovely site of yours. I can’t wait to try the tiramisú cheesecake out, looks wondeful and surely tastes even better. I also like quark or mascarpone cheese better when I’m making cheesecakes, but just because of the lighter texture.
    It’s a shame that there’s no Ben & Jerry’s around these parts (northwestern Spain), where’s my free cone??
    Congratulations for your site and thanks for sharing those yummy recipes!
    Warm regards :)

  2. Frollein Holle
    August 1st, 2009 08:19

    Ben & Jerrys…I loved this icecream so much in my “pre-vegan-era” and even more I loved this etchical thingie ’round Ben & Jerrys.

    So I was really disappointed to hear that Ben & Jerrys was sold to Unilever (I mean…UNILEVER!!) in 2000. What a pitty.

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