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Easy homemade marcipan roses for Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 13th, 2009

It’s just one day left to Valentine’s Day and I’m sure many of you are planning a delicious dinner. You don’t need to do anything advanced to make an impressive dessert. Why not make a simple cake or cupcake and decorate it with homemade marcipan roses? They make a plain cake look stunning and it’s really easy. All you need is marcipan, food colouring, cling film and a knife (and plastic gloves if you don’t want to get messy). For instructions you need to watch this YouTube clip that I found and then you’re ready to make your own roses!

I made the roses that you see on the photos for my father’s 75th birthday in January. It was my first time making marcipan roses but definitly not the last! I made the same two cake fillings that I used for the Pacman cake: raspberry and Dumlefluff. Dumlefluff is a filling consisting of soft toffee covered in milk chocolate that has been melted in double cream, then cooled in the fridge overnight and finally whipped to a gorgeous filling (for recipe see the Pacman post). I covered the cake with white marcipan and made pink and yellow marcipan roses. It was a huge success together with the divine chocolate cake that my mother made.