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Weekend cat blogging: Archipelago Bowser

Monday, September 8th, 2008

I know it’s Monday but the weekend passed by so quickly so maybe it’s not such a bad idea with a cat post after all. This post I planned to write ages ago.

When we first heard of Bowser a couple of years ago, we couldn’t resist him. He looked so cute and had the best personality ever, more like a dog than a cat. He was living with a family with 2 children and when the youngest one was diagnosed with asthma he had to move. We decided to take care of him and we really thought that he would get a long with Yoshi and Tanuki, but that was easier said than done. Yoshi and Tanuki have been living together since they were kittens and they are very close friends. For several years we thought it would get better, but it didn’t. Yoshi was too dominant and Bowser was ganged up on by both Yoshi and his partner in crime Tanuki. Bowser had a hard time to move freely without beeing chased by the others. We tried with play therapy and all sorts of tricks, but it just didn’t get better. Finally, even though our hearts were breaking, we decided to not be so selfish anymore and last Christmas he was welcomed with open arms by my parents in law who had come to love the sweet cat during the years, as he often stayed with them when we were visiting. The first time without dear Bowser was really hard, with lot of tears and emtpyness. But it was the best solution for all cats, and us. Yoshi and Tanuki became the cosy unstressed cats they had been earlier and Bowser started his new calm and perfect life. He living a very happy life on a small island without cars, he has his own cat door and no other cats at home. The only cats he meets are the ones coming into his garden and he chases them straight away. He is truly loved by my parents in law and he loves being with them. Just look at the photos, doesn’t he look like a super happy cat?

Daring Bakers: Chocolate éclairs

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Have you seen a lot of éclair posts since yesterday? Yes, it’s Daring Bakers again. As usual I postponed the baking until the last minute and normally that isn’t any problem. Except for the part that I woke up on Saturday morning with a very sore throat and head ache. So during the weekend I just tried to recover and today after work I rushed home to finish the challenge. One day delayed, but at least I did it :-)

This month’s challenge was to bake Chocolate éclairs from Pierre Hermé’s “Chocolate Desserts” and the recipe was picked by Meeta and Tony.

Anne had given me the great tip to prepare the chocolate sauce (for the glaze) on Sunday evening, so that I did just before going to bed. On Monday evening after work I baked half of the éclairs and decided to freeze the other half. After around 20 minutes in the oven they were ready and looked nice. Except for the part that they were completely deflated and where still not hollow inside. By that time the other half of the éclairs were frozen, but I just put them directly into the oven, and waited. And waited. Baking the éclairs for almost 10 minutes more made the trick. While waiting for them to cool I made the chocolate glaze. I was too hungry to make a pastry cream so I just filled the éclairs with whipped cream and raspberries, and then I poured chocolate glaze on top. A delicious dinner! :-)

Thanks Meeta and Tony for hosting, and for a lovely recipe!
For recipe go to Meeta’s éclair post.