New year, new resolutions

Paris, December 31st 2007

Even though it’s already January 6th I would like to wish you all a happy and wonderful new year, I wish you the best for 2008. Thanks for all emails and comments, they always make me very happy.

As it’s a new year, it’s time to go through last year’s food related resolutions and make up new ones. So how did I manage?

1. I will learn and dare to do Polish pierogi.
Done, unfortunately I didn’t blog about it even though I planned to for a long time. But I have photo proof over at Anne’s as I made it for last year’s Twelwth night dinner at her place. And of course I will start to make it more often and actually blog about it.

2. Hmm, actually there are a lot of Polish dishes and recipes for me to learn like pączki, barszcz, pyzy….
I did pączki, barszcz, racuchy, kalafior z bułką tartą (maybe not so Polish but still) and twarożek z szczypiorkem i rzodkiewką. I will continue with Polish cooking this year as well, for example I’m very keen on making Makowiec (Poppy Seed roll).

3. I will get better at using all left over ingredients instead of forgetting about them and finally having to throw them when they get too old.
Much better now!

4. I will get better at blogging about all those food related travels from Japan, Italy and other destinations. And of course I will blog about our wedding from a food point of view.
Oops, still not done….But I will, someday :-)

6. I will use my old ice cream maker more often. I can’t understand why I don’t use it as I really love ice cream.
I made a LOT of ice cream, even though I only blogged about it once. As a matter of fact I made so much ice cream that it’s now justified to buy a compressor ice cream maker….

7. I will make sure that we always have a nice red wine at home for unplanned and unexpected events and guests.
Much better now!

8. I will take care of my starter, named Hampus, and make sure that he’ll live a long life with many offsprings.
It died…. I didn’t take care of it…. But I did bake quite a lot of sourdough bread.

9. I will plan weekly dinner menus.
Haha, this worked for 2 weeks….

10. I will cook Fredrik a delicious Boeuf Bourgogne (He’ll get so exited when he reads this :-)
OK, a new year and plenty of new opportunities!

New resolutions for 2008:

1. I’m addicted to Macarons since our visit in Paris, so I’ll be baking and experimenting a lot!

2. I will make more home made pasta.

3. I need to find decent bacon.

4. I need to blog more often, there are so many recipes and photos that I never post.

5. I will make my own sausages!

And the last thing isn’t really a resolution, but a way to become more daring and to have more interaction with you. My plan is to every second month or so, let you readers pick a baking recipe (either sweet or savoury) that I will make and then post. More about this in a week or two!

Take care everyone!

13 Responses to “New year, new resolutions”

  1. Anne
    January 6th, 2008 22:58

    Oh, what a lovely photo! :) And you did great with your resolutions – way better than me. :)

  2. Nilo
    January 6th, 2008 23:02

    If you want a recipe to start you off on those Macaroons, I found one just the other day (heard about them and just HAD to try and find a recipe as I’m yet not crafty enough to make up a recipe of my own… well, at least not cakes :D

    I’ve not yet tried it, my two darlings under 3yrs take up most of my time, but I’m aiming to do so this year… Maybe that should be my NY-resolution ;)

  3. awoz
    January 7th, 2008 02:54

    Happy new year Dagmar ! Better late then never…

  4. Pille
    January 7th, 2008 10:16

    Well, I’d say you did quite well in 2007, Dagmar! And I’m looking forward to reading about your macaroon and sausage experiments in 2008.
    I need to list my new year foodie resolutions soon, too:)

  5. Pat
    January 7th, 2008 18:05

    Happy New Year Dagmar!!! Looking forward to your recipes in 2008

  6. Charon
    January 9th, 2008 02:09

    Happy 2008! We’re starting ours in the Florida Keys and trying many new recipes since one of our resolutions was to do our own cooking while we’re on the road rather than eating meals out. We’re having a splendid time of it. Helps to be traveling with a fellow foodie.

    Looking forward to sharing in your continued culinary adventures.


  7. Scott at Realepicurean
    January 9th, 2008 21:31

    Have a great 2008!

    My Wife cooks the pierogi in this house (obviously, she’s Polish), but I do help out in the kitchen. It’s just so DANGEROUS when she’s in there!

  8. Karolina
    January 11th, 2008 08:22

    Dużo, dużo szczęścia w Nowym Roku, Dagmar!!! Pozazdrościłam Ci tych wspaniałych noworocznych postanowień i też spisałam swoje na moim blogu;)

  9. ewa
    January 11th, 2008 20:45

    wspanialego roku 2008 ,buziaki ewa

  10. Kevin
    January 12th, 2008 00:30

    Before you make your own sausage, make your own bacon. It’s easier, and will allow you to scratch if off your list! [Michael Ruhlman's Charcuterie, if you don't know where to start..]

  11. Elin
    January 12th, 2008 11:37

    We bought some nice things at the english butcher on Hanterkargatan for Xmas and i think you can find the proper bacon there that you looking foor. We also had a lot of good ingredients from Åby Gård that i can recommend for cooking, their smoked pork cotlets is fantastic!

  12. NotQuiteJuneCleaver
    January 12th, 2008 14:25

    The word MACAROONS caught my eye (but I did read the rest of your post as well! I will be making Macaroons…the French Version…this weekend. I will be in Paris in April and before I eat a real one, I am going to learn to make them because like with many culinary adventures, I turn it into a competition! I want to see if mine are comparable.Silly?? Maybe but it is one of those things that I have decided LOOKS much more difficult that it is. The weather is beautiful here this weekend which I feel is a must for anything containing
    egg whites or meringue. I think many a failure could have been prevented by waiting for a nice sunny day. Okay…I am back to read more of your blog but I will be posting about my Macaroon Adventure if you care to check in later.

  13. Dagmar
    January 14th, 2008 00:12

    Anne: Thanks!!

    Nilo: That would be great! And it’s sounds like a perfect resolution for you!

    Awoz: likewise!

    Pille: Thank you! I look forward to read your list!

    Pat: Thank you, you too!

    Charon: That sounds like a great resolution!

    Scott: Thanks! I hope you’ll have a great year as well. And do not disturb your wife when she’s making pierogi!! :-)

    Karolina: Dziekuje, i nawzajem! Duzo szczescia i duzo gotowania w nowym roku :-)

    Ewa: Dziekuje! Nawzajem!

    Kevin: That sounds really difficult! I read about someone making his own bacon and I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t try it out :-) But thanks for the tip, maybe I’ll at least read the book.

    Elin: Do you mean Taylor’s? It’s great to hear from someone that has actually shopped there. I’ll definitly try their smoked port cotlets, they sound amazing! And of course the bacon :-)

    NotQuiteJuneCleaver: I hope you managed the macarons and that they turned out really well. When you go to Paris, make sure to watch out for the truffle macarons at Pierre Hermé, the rest were delicious though :-)

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