Chocolate and Hazelnut Semifreddo

The last weeks have been quite hectic and during the evenings I’ve been too tired to sit in front of the computer. I have a lot of catching up to do and tonight I looked through my food photos with hope that I’ll write a few posts during the coming week.

Last week I was in Finland for work which collided a bit with my wishes to prepare some lovely food for my two dear girlfriends M and J that visited me during the weekend. I ended up cooking other food than planned but we still had a fabulous time. We shopped, watched the musical Sound of Music at the Göta Lejon theatre, we went out to dance, talked a lot and of course ate. We also went to Centralbadet to relax in the sauna and jacuzzi. Due to the lack of time when they arrived on Friday noon, I chose a chocolate and hazelnut semifreddo from Leila Lindholm’s “Leilas guldkant på vardagen” for dessert for the 3 course dinner I served during the evening. Semifreddo, which is Italian for half cold, is a great ice cream dessert to prepare well in advance, even if my planning was bad and instead of making it the weekend before the girls arrival I quickly did it while they watched before we went out for lunch. I halfed the recipe and as I didn’t have any hazelnut liquer I used macadamia nut syrup instead. I also used tiny meringues instead of using crushed regular sized ones. This semifreddo results in a lot of dishes, but it’s definitly worth it.

    Chocolate and Hazelnut Semifreddo
    (serves 4. Adapted from Leila Lindholm’s “Leilas guldkant på vardagen” )

    100 gram dark quality chocolate
    2 eggs
    2 tbsp vanilla infused caster sugar
    100 ml double/whipping cream
    100 ml fat Greek or Turkish yoghurt (10%)
    1 tbsp Macadamia nut syrup (or Hazelnut liquer according to original recipe)
    1 handful of tiny meringues
    about 50-60 gram chopped hazelnuts

    To serve:
    tiny meringues
    chopped hazelnuts

    Melt the chocolate in the microwave. In a bowl, whip the egg yolks and half of the sugar until white and fluffy. In another bowl, whip the egg whites with the remaining sugar until stiff. In a third bowl, whip the cream until fluffy. Combine with the yoghurt.
    Combine the egg yolk mixture with the melted chocolate. Add liquer and cream/yoghurt mixture. Finally fold in the eggwhites.

    Place some chopped hazelnuts and meringues in a mold. Cover with a couple of spoons of semifreddo, add some more meringues and hazelnuts and cover with semifreddo again. Sprinkle the rest of the hazelnuts and meringues on top. Cover with cling film and put in the freezer for at least 4-5 hours.

    Before serving, let the semifreddo stand in room temperature for about 20 minutes to soften. Scoop the semifreddo and serve in glasses. Sprinkle hazelnuts and meringues on top.

11 Responses to “Chocolate and Hazelnut Semifreddo”

  1. Jennifer
    November 13th, 2007 00:53

    Yum! I love chocolate & hazelnut anything. I’ll have to try this one for sure.

  2. Anh
    November 13th, 2007 03:04

    So beautiful! I wish I could eat this. Recipe Bookmarked!

  3. Meeta
    November 13th, 2007 09:06

    dagmar, you are incredible. This looks so scrumptious. the combination is sooo perfect, Hope you’ve been doing well?


  4. Anne
    November 13th, 2007 11:02

    Yum! I’ve made that before as well, but yours look much much better. I love the background in the photos!

  5. Nabeela
    November 13th, 2007 17:14

    looks luscious to me! It’s good to have such recipes on hand when havinf people over :)

  6. joey
    November 14th, 2007 11:57

    Chocolate & hazelnut are perfect together! :) And this dessert is perfect for me because I don’t have an ice cream maker…thanks for posting it! :)

  7. Cheryl
    November 15th, 2007 18:16

    So beautiful. I love the little merengues.

  8. Dagmar
    November 16th, 2007 14:24

    Jennifer: It’s very yummy!

    Anh: I hope that you’ll enjoy it!

    Meeta: Thank you! I guess I’m doing OK, I’m in desperate need of the weekend! Hope that you’re OK aswell. hugs back!

    Anne: Thanks! I bought the paper in “holly” opposite of Mique beside Drottninggatan.

    Nabeela: Semifreddos are great to do in advance.

    Joey: It’s a great combination. Semifreddo is the perfect dessert, especially if you don’t have any ice cream maker.

    Cheryl: Thanks! I agree on the meringues, they are lovely.

  9. Tartelette
    November 21st, 2007 01:13

    Looks wonderful and very practical for the winter when the ice cream maker is usually back in the closet!

  10. belgin
    December 13th, 2007 11:03

    looks delicious!
    and can not believe how easy to make!

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