Help with restaurant recommendations for Paris?

We’ll be spending New Year’s Eve in beautiful Paris!! I would be really grateful for restaurant recommendations, especially for la Saint-Sylvestre (as New Year’s Eve is called in French), but also for the other days we’ll be in Paris.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Anne
    October 23rd, 2007 13:08

    No recommendations, just huge *E*N*V*Y* :)

  2. emilie
    October 23rd, 2007 13:25


  3. Sylvain
    October 23rd, 2007 15:09


    pour la st sylvestre, je vous conseille de consulter un peu avant la rubrique gastronomique du figaroscope.fr, mais dans l’immédiat, je vous conseille un bon endroit, le Fogon, 46 quai des grands augustins 75006.
    Bonne visite !

  4. Wide Lawns
    October 23rd, 2007 17:03

    I had dinner at Le Petit Troquet and Petit Tonneau (sp?) and not only were these two of the best places I ate at in Paris, they were two of the best places I have eaten at in my entire life. I dream of just getting on a plane and flying 10 hours to Paris just to dine at Le Petit Troquet again. I also loved Bistro du Septieme for lunch and they have a beautiful kitty named Caramel to keep you company while you enjoy your duck confit. At Petit Tonneau they have a kitty and a dog and the best tarte tatin in the entire world. I stumbled in at 11 at night, completely jet lagged and disoriented and the chef/ owner seemed to understand and made me this beautiful meal of comfort foods that would be gentle on a traveler’s tummy. If you need addresses of these places email me at widelawns@gmail.com and I can look them up for you.

  5. Lena
    October 23rd, 2007 21:18

    I’m no real friend of Paris, and when I have been there I could not wait to go home. But I do have a nice restaurant experience from La Coupole, located on Boulevard de Montparnasse, it may not be the nice cosy place you would want for new years but it is well worth a visit, because the food is really great.

  6. Pamela
    October 23rd, 2007 21:28

    Hi Dagmar, I can’t recommend any restaurants in Paris, because it’s too many years since I was last there, but I can thoroughly recommend someone who is sure to know the best and to tell you honestly, Eric Tenin, who runs the blog, Paris Daily Photo.

  7. Pat
    October 27th, 2007 19:18

    Hubby and I have had some lunches at Terminus Nord near the Gare du Nord train station. It is an art deco style restuarant that is amazing place to have lunch in. The food was really gorgeous and if you like seafood(which I don’t) I would recommend the Bouluibase(sorry spelled wrong I am sure) It looked gorgeous!!!! We found the waiters very very friendly. But this has been at least 7 years ago. And another that Hubby recommends is Petite Bofinger. Some where near La Defense area. We had a really lovely meal there that wasn’t too expensive. Again this was about 4 years ago.
    I am really jealous as I love Paris and I am sure you will find many lovely places to enjoy a meal or two.

  8. Dagmar
    October 29th, 2007 00:49

    Anne: I’m sure you’ll have a great time on New Year as well :-)

    Emilie: Merci!! Ze kitchen galerie semble très agréable!

    Sylvain: Merci beaucoup!! Je lirai figaroscope!

    Wide Lawns: Thanks a lot, both restaurants sound lovely! I’ll try to look them up on internet.

    Lena: I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like Paris. Thanks, it could be one of our lunch choices!

    Pamela: Thank you very much for the tip!

    Pat: Thank you very much! I’ll try to see if the restaurants still exist. Thank you!

  9. Meeta
    October 29th, 2007 14:02

    Rich oh yes, scrumptious yes but we love it this way. Love your little heart shaped cakes Dagmar. Brilliant job!

  10. Nadine
    October 30th, 2007 02:54

    A word of caution: New Year’s Eve is THE night when you are likely to have to make reservations if you want to dine at many restaurants. Many offer a special all-inclusive menu, but usually at a high price.
    This is just one URL you can check, there are many such websites. http://www.restoaparis.com/page/saint-sylveste-reveillon-2006
    Don’t be fooled by the 2006 in the URL, it is indeed for 2008!
    More info, write to my e-mail, I can check things out for you (I live close to Paris)

  11. Lizzie
    October 30th, 2007 18:25

    not fancy by any means, so probably not for new year’s eve, but some other night, check out the wine bar le sincerre in the 7th. the omelette with ham, potato, and wild herbs basically makes me drool. and do not get me started on the tarte tatin…

  12. Tartelette
    November 3rd, 2007 07:12

    We love L’Ami Jean, a Basque restaurant. You need reservations as it is small and the food is exquisite.

  13. Dagmar
    November 4th, 2007 23:26

    Nadine, Lizze and Tartelette:
    Thanks a lot!

  14. Culinette
    November 13th, 2007 15:45

    What you really are looking for is the book:
    The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris by Patricia Wells.
    I love Paris and we go there almost every year.

    I just read the book No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain and he names two restaurants in Paris that I wrote down in my little black book. I will definitely visit them next time we go.
    Here are the restaurants and the comments of Anthony Bourdan on them:

    Chez Robert et Louise
    64 rue Vieille-du-Temple
    A step into Hemingway’s “A Moveable Feast”, a dark, tiny, mostly local bistro with cats and dogs underfoot, where old ladies hack off great hunks of cote de boeuf, cook them in an open hearth and serve them on blooddripping wood boards. The boudin noir is also excellent. This is the Paris of dreams, the way you wanted it to be.

    Chez Denise (a.k.a. La Tour de Montlhery)
    5 rue Prouvaires, near Les Halles
    Another temple of old-school Parisian Bistro classics like Blanquette de Veau, rognons, and other enduring glories of French Cuisine. Untouched by time in the best possible way.

    Enjoy !

  15. june2
    November 15th, 2007 20:46

    I’ve heard that the tiny restaurant Spring is very good…

  16. Alice
    November 30th, 2007 12:11

    Dear Dagmar. Another post while I’m at it. If you like classic french cuisine I would really recommend you to try the “Le Procope” in Saint Germain des Prés on the left banke. A restaurant established in 1686, with an undescribable interior and atmosphere. Serves the best oysters I have ever tasted, great wines and a superb coq au vin, served in a copper saucepan right on your table. I’ve seen that they have menues for the Saint Sylvestre. http://www.procope.com

    Another tip is top chef Yves Camdeborde’s recently opened bistro “Le Comptoir du Relais”. Also a traditional french cuisine, but with an innovative twist. Also on the left banke, at 9, Carrefour de l’Odéon.

    Smaklig måltid och trevlig resa! :)

  17. Dagmar
    December 2nd, 2007 22:46

    Culinette: Thank you very much! I really like Anthony’s recipes and food, so I’ll definitly try these restaurants!!

    June2: Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out.

    Alice: Hi, thank you very much for the tips. I’ll look at their websites. Thanks again!

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