House plans!

The result of last year’s gingerbread batch

First Advent is coming up and tonight I’m preparing a batch of gingerbread cookie dough just like last year. This year though, my plans are bigger and a gingerbread cookie house will be built! Stay tuned for the result which will be published during the weekend!

3 Responses to “House plans!”

  1. Pille
    December 1st, 2006 12:28

    I remember your Moomin gingerbread from last year – really cute! I’ve got my first Moomin mug just a few weeks ago, but sadly I’ve got no cookie cutters to make my own:(
    By the way – I used your raspberry syrup last night to make marshmallows – what a lovely flavour that added! Tack for the gift!!!

  2. Scott at Real Epicurean
    December 1st, 2006 16:45

    I really, really love gingerbread. You’ve given me the spark for one of my next recipes…

  3. Dagmar
    December 4th, 2006 10:32

    I love the moomins! :-)
    I’m glad that you liked the syrop and it’s sounds very interesting using it to make marshmallows!!

    Now I’m really curious!

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