Cardamom coffee milk

Sorry for the really bad photo which I took with my cell phone.

You can find them at almost every office in Sweden, the small 2 cl tetra packs with milk. When at work, I always take one to my coffee . Today I got really suprised when I was getting my coffee and found a cardamom flavoured variant of the milk. It smells nice and the idea is good, but my cup of coffee from the hopeless coffee machine was too crappy to improve in any way. I’m sure that it tastes much better with better coffee.

2 Responses to “Cardamom coffee milk”

  1. Scott at Realepicurean
    November 12th, 2006 22:58

    Flavoured coffees are super-trendy right now.

    Being English, I drink and enjoy coffee in any form, but give me a cup of tea anytime : )

  2. Ange
    November 12th, 2006 23:36

    Sounds very interesting, sure we dont have anything like that here is OZ, would love to try it

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