Tea and toffee from Anne!

Don’t you just love Anne’s labels!?

Today when I came home from work a parcel was waiting for me from sweet Anne. She heard that I had problems finding my new favourite tea, a green tea with cheesecake (or actually lemon and yoghurt) flavour. She found it in a small tea shop on Värmdö and kindly bought me some of that fantastic tea. She was also so sweet and enclosed here own yummy lingonberry toffees. Thank you so much Anne, what a perfect start to the weekend!

Anne’s lingonberry toffees

3 Responses to “Tea and toffee from Anne!”

  1. Anne
    October 20th, 2006 21:58

    Ooh, enjoy! :) Glad you liked it! And glad you took pictures – I didn’t think to photograph the wrapped toffees this time, just the “nude” and they really are prettier in their little bows.

  2. Dagmar
    October 21st, 2006 12:10

    The toffees sure are pretty in their cute bows, but what a job :-) Thanks again Anne!

  3. Scott at Real Epicurean
    October 22nd, 2006 11:10

    I love the photograph, which looks like your cat is trying to open the sweets!

    I can’t imagine how the lingonberry toffees must taste – but I had a unique lingonberry (or was is loganberry?) soup once which was delicious.

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