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Autumn… The holidays are over, time to get back to school and work. The darkness and coldness will slowly approach so what about cheering yourself up with a cooking or baking class? Medborgarskolan have a lot of cooking and baking classes this autumn. Many of the courses are already booked, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible. I’m looking forward learning tips and tricks when baking cakes and I’m still thinking about signing up for a second course. You can find Medborgarskolan’s cooking classes in Stockholm here (and of course they also have classes in other parts of Sweden). I have not cooked in a group since my home economics classes when I was 12 years old so I hope that I won’t make a fool of myself :-)

(Photo: Medborgarskolan)

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  1. Riana
    September 13th, 2006 17:53

    Hi Dagmar, your new site is oh so cute!

    I have tagged you with a meme for the Top 5 Foods to Eat Before You Die. Let it roll ok, I wanna know what you write :)
    See here.

  2. Riana
    September 13th, 2006 17:57

    Sorry, the link did not show up on my comment above. Here it is:
    See here:

  3. Kinna
    September 20th, 2006 19:40

    Cooking at Medborgarskolan is a lot of fun. I have taken several courses there. One with Libanese food was so great. My Fredrik and I also took one in gourmet cooking. Great and a lot of inspiration. Have fun!

  4. Dagmar
    September 22nd, 2006 23:37


    Oh, that sounds nice! Thanks!

  5. Dagmar
    September 22nd, 2006 23:55

    Hi Riana,
    thanks for tagging me. I’ll try to write the post as soon as possible! It will be hard to only choose 5 things though! :-)

  6. Deema
    June 16th, 2008 16:43

    Hi, I landed here after a search i made in google looking for baking classes for my little sister who is arriving here in july 2008. i know this post is old but i was wondering if you know where she can sign up for cooking or baking classes in stockholm city, sweden for the summer (july and/or augut)??
    Thank you in advance..
    P.S. I like your site very much :)

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  8. lucinda
    October 10th, 2008 14:33

    Hi there,
    I am new to Stockholm.
    I’m looking for a cooking/baking class in Stockholm that is conducted in English.

  9. Kim
    August 1st, 2009 09:39

    Hi there.

    I would like to take a Cooking course … not a 4 hour class at medborgarskolan – but something that covers the fundamentals of cooking. I have tried to find a Cordon Bleu cooking school or equivalent and have come up with nothing :o( Does anyone have any ideas? It can be in swedish even though my swedish is quite basic.

    Thanks :o)

  10. Curt Goddard
    March 26th, 2010 16:49

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  11. baking game
    March 26th, 2010 21:40

    I was actually looking for something else and found this by mistake, but it was great thanks for the read!

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