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The Wedding Cake Election

Friday, August 4th, 2006


Some weekends ago we went down to Gothenburg. The plan was to meet our parents and talk about the wedding. Another important task was to choose the flavour of the wedding cake. We had earlier decided to order the wedding cake from Steinbrenner-Nyberg who makes incredible cakes, but we didn’t know which flavour to choose. So we called Steinbrenner and ordered a bunch of pastries which are mini variants of their cakes. On Saturday AM we had a cake election together with our parents, toastmaster and my brother and his wife at Fredrik’s parents appartment.

Cake tasting :-)

For the wedding cake the bakery offers 4 different flavours, so for our small cake election we had ordered a bunch of pastries with their following 4 flavours:

BJÖRNBÄR I PANNACOTTA (Blackberries in pannacotta)
A delicous almond bottom, blackberry mousse and italian vanilla pannacotta.

PASSIONSFRUKT (Passion fruit)

Sponge cake bottom, banana curd and passion fruit mousse.

Cheesecake made of white chocolate, strawberry curd and blanc mange made of strawberries. Sponge cake bottom

Brownie bottom, milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse.

It was fun to taste the different pastries and we hade deep discussions about which were the best. The two most popular ones were the blackberry and the chocolate cake, so we decided to skip a traditional wedding cake and thought that we could arrange those two kind of pastries on a cake stand and then have a larger cake on top for cutting. But when we tried to order this variant at the bakery they were not quite happy, so at the end we decided to go with a traditional wedding cake with the blackberries in pannacotta flavour. The cake will be covered in white chocolate sheets and I hope that it will look nice.

Champagne on the balcony

When we were finished with the cake tasting we got a big surprise. My girlfriends rushed in to the appartment with champagne bottles and I realized that this was the start of my hen party. In Sweden the bride to be (and also the bridegroom to be) are “kidnapped” by their friends and then they spend the whole day with different activites and missions. Anyway, I was really surprised and very touched. Then I realized that Fredrik’s friends were there as well. We went out on the balcony and drank champagne. After some drinking the girls put a veil and a paper crown on my head and then both boys and girls went to Slottskogen which is a large park just a few minutes from Fredrik’s parents. There I had to do a minature model of Fredrik in clay and he had to do a model of me as well. Then the boys left us as they had other plans, later they told me that they went climbing, played paintball and then barbecued. Myself I stayed in the park with my girlfriends. I got some small typical hen party missions which were rather funny. Then we had some pasta salad which the girls had prepared. We also had different cheeses and then we had wine tasting. The weather was absolutely wonderful and we had a great time in the park. After a few hours we went to a spa where we bathed in a jacuzzi and had some more wine. Then we went home to one of the girls were we ended the evening with home made tacos (by mere accident Anne actually wrote about tacos and Swedes yesterday). The girls had also prepared questions about me, them selves and our relationship. I had a wonderful and very long day and the next day I didn’t feel too well but it was absolutely worth it :-)

Happy, surprised and dressed up by my girlfriends :-)