A meme of fives

Strawberry from my balcony

A growing Strawberry on our balcony.

After almost going bananas as my wordpress interface prevented me from writing new posts (without me doing any changes) I finally found the problem late last night. It was a plugin that earlier has worked without problems and now suddenly decided to destroy the whole interface. Anyway, now I can finally post again!

Anna from Baking for Britain has tagged me for the latest meme, so here goes:

Five Things in my Freezer

1. Frozen Raspberries for my smoothies.
2. My mum’s delicous Polish Sernik (baked cheesecake).
3. My mum’s wonderful Polish Pierogi Ruskie (quark and potato filled pierogi).
4. Ice cream!!!!
5. Ice for drinks.

Five Things in my Closet
We have several so I chose our walkin closet

1. A LOT of moving boxes (yes, I will unpack them. Another day though…).
2. Teddy bears and other soft cute toys (which I collect).
3. Fredrik’s diving gear.
4. 2 cat carriers.
5. Bags…

Five Things in my Car

We don’t own a car…

Five Things in my Purse

1. A lot of receipts.
2. A passport (my ID expired 2 years ago and I still havn’t fixed a new one).
3. A Visa card with an erased magstripe (this happens to me all the time since last year. My other credit cards work excellent, it’s just the Visa card that I have problems with. I’ve tried another purse etc but nothing works. I can’t expect the card to work more than a few weeks. Some people say that it’s due to number 5 on this list, but then why are not my other cards affected?).
4. Chewing gum
5. Two cell phones (one private and one for work. I want to be able to turn of the work phone after office hours but still be able to recieve and make private phone calls).

I suspect that all other foodies have been tagged already, so please feel free to do this meme if you want to!

2 Responses to “A meme of fives”

  1. Anne
    July 19th, 2006 10:49

    So weird about the VISA card! I can’t imagine why just *that* one is affected.. aren’t there some kind of special holders or something like that you could have it in? (Totally brainstorming, I have no idea if such a thing – anti-magnetic – exists. But it should.)

  2. Dagmar
    July 19th, 2006 13:27


    Yes, it’s really weird and I hate to phone my bank about it all the time. The problem first occurred last autumn when I got a new card as the old one had expired. Since them I phone my bank regularly so they can send me a new one. Last time the card was already broke when I got it :-) It’s annoying for both me and the cashiers that they have to register the Visa number manually when I shop… The special holder sounds like a good idea. I’ll try to find one. The funny thing is that we watched Mythbusters and according to their tests you need an industrial magnetic field to be able to unmagnetize a credit card… I think I need to go through my purse again ;-)

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