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Sugar High Friday#21: Cappuccino Ice Cream Cake

Friday, July 28th, 2006

Cappuccino Ice Cream Cake
This month’s Sugar High Friday is hosted by Sarah at The Delicious Life and the theme is Ice Ice Baby. I love ice cream in all variants and shapes so this theme suits me fine.

Cappuccino Ice Cream Cake is the perfect frozen cake to have in your freezer when a friend pops by or when you need a cold delicious treat. It’s super easy to make and you don’t even need an ice cream maker. If you’re planning a 3 course dinner this may be the perfect ending, especially as you can prepare it long before the dinner. I’ve made this ice cream cake a few times and it’s always popular. The original recipe calls for Amaretto but I always use Baileys as that’s what I have at home. Next time I will try with Frangelico which is a delicious hazelnut liqueur. Don’t be too impatient and take out the cake from the freezer before it is completely frozen (which I did once…).

    Cappuccino Ice Cream Cake
    (recipe from an old issue of Elle à la carte)

    400 g almond paste
    4 eggs
    4 tbsp cocoa powder
    Lemon zest from 1 lemon

    Ice cream:
    500 ml double cream
    2.5 tbsp Nescafé Espresso
    100 ml icing sugar
    3 egg yolks
    3 tbsp Baileys (the original recipe calls for 2 tbsp Amaretto).

    grated white and dark chocolate

    Pre-heat the oven to 175°C. Grate the almond paste and combine with the eggs, cocoa and lemon zest. Pour the mixture in a buttered spring form (about 24 cm wide). Bake the cake in the middle of the oven for about 20 minutes. Let the cake cool. Remove the rim from the spring form and wash it up. Then put the rim back on the spring form.

    Whip the cream really thick. Add the coffee powder and the icing sugar. Add egg yolks and Baileys (or Amaretto). Pour the filling over the cake bottom. Cover with plastic film and put the cake in the freezer.

    Take out the cake from the freezer 20 minutes before serving and cover with grated white and dark chocolate.

Chocolate truffle cake with Walnut crust and Raspberry sauce

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

This chocolate truffle cake is really simple to make and it’s delicious as well. The truffle is creamy and smooth and is perfect to the crunchy nut crust. I think that the crust was a bit too fragile, but nobody else complained. I made it for this year’s Midsummer Eve while Fredrik did the raspberry sauce. The recipe is from a book called Chokladfabriken which was one of my foodie gifts from my dear colleagues when I quit at my old job last year. The original recipie calls for Pecan nuts but as they didn’t have them in my store I used Walnuts instead (which they suggest as a substitution in the recipe). I used my smallest spring form (also from my colleagues) which is about 15 cm wide and 4 cm high, the truffle cake fitted perfectly. But don’t try to use a smaller spring form than that though.

    Chocolate truffle cake with Walnut crust and Raspberry sauce

    70 g Walnuts (or Pecan nuts)
    40 g demerara sugar
    20 g unsalted butter (room temperatured)
    10 g flour

    120 dark chocolate
    150 g whipping/double cream
    20 g eggyolk (1)
    50g unsalted butter

    Raspberry sauce:
    400 g Raspberries
    about 30 g icing sugar (how much depends on the raspberries sweetness)

    Crust: Coursly crush the nuts and combine them with the rest of the crust ingredients. Press down the mixture in a small spring form and bake in 200 degrees C for 5 minutes. Let the crust cool completely.

    Truffle: Chop the chocolate finely. Bring the cream to boil and pour it over the chocolate. Stir until the mixture becomes smooth, add the egg yolk and stir smothly again. Pour the truffle over the cool crust and let the truffle cake rest in the fridge for 2 hours.

    Raspberry sauce: Mix the raspberries in a food processor. Add icing sugar a little at a time and taste so the sauce won’t get too sweet.

Food tips for our Japan trip

Monday, July 24th, 2006

Eating sushi
Photo from Asianinfo.org

Our honeymoon in Japan is getting closer and most of the ryokans and hotels are now booked. We’ll visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko, Nara, Hiroshima, Kamakura and Takaragawa Onsen; it wouldn’t surprise me if we’ll change the itinerary a bit but we’ll see about that. What we need now is restaurant recommendations, we’ve picked out quite a few places from discussion forums and travel books but maybe YOU know about a restaurant or bar that we shouldn’t miss. I would also be glad for recommendations what to buy and bring home to Sweden; food, food appliances and other food related things.

Lime Marinated Halloumi Skewers

Friday, July 21st, 2006

Halloumi skewers
Halloumi skewers, before grilling them.

Anne kindly invited us to her Midsummer party this year. We had a wonderful day and the food was really delicious, even if it was far from traditional Midsummer’s food which I’m rather bored of. Anne prepared most of the food and all others brought different things as well. Fredrik and I brought lime marinated halloumi skewers and a chocolate truffle cake with walnut crust and a raspberry sauce. Thanks again for inviting us, Anne!

I love Halloumi, I just can’t get enough of that squeky delicious cheese, it’s so easy to use and so easy to eat :-) For the party I prepared skewers with marinated Halloumi, pepper and red onion. I burnt them on the barbeque while the guys were drinking beer and watching, but I did get some help in the end though :-) The skewers were great but next time I’ll marinate them a little longer than just 1 hour.

    Lime Marinated Halloumi Skewers

    (makes far too many. I don’t remember the exact quantities, but you get the point)

    3 parcels of Halloumi (a total of about 450 g)
    1 red pepper
    1 yellow pepper
    1 green pepper
    2 red onions

    The juice from 2 limes
    The juice from 0.5 lemon
    freshly grounded pepper
    Olive oil
    fresh herbs (I used a herb which I don’t recall, but it tasted and smelled like pineapple!)

    Prepare the marinade in a bowl. Cut the Halloumi in cubes and put it in the marinade. Put the bowl in the fridge for a couple of hours. Cut the vegetables and then put everything on skewers (if wodden, put them in water for 10 minutes so they don’t start to burn on the barbecue).
    Grill the skewers on a barbecue until they get enough colour.

The Midsummer food
Yummy! Read more about the different dishes on Anne’s blog.

A meme of fives

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Strawberry from my balcony

A growing Strawberry on our balcony.

After almost going bananas as my wordpress interface prevented me from writing new posts (without me doing any changes) I finally found the problem late last night. It was a plugin that earlier has worked without problems and now suddenly decided to destroy the whole interface. Anyway, now I can finally post again!

Anna from Baking for Britain has tagged me for the latest meme, so here goes:

Five Things in my Freezer

1. Frozen Raspberries for my smoothies.
2. My mum’s delicous Polish Sernik (baked cheesecake).
3. My mum’s wonderful Polish Pierogi Ruskie (quark and potato filled pierogi).
4. Ice cream!!!!
5. Ice for drinks.

Five Things in my Closet
We have several so I chose our walkin closet

1. A LOT of moving boxes (yes, I will unpack them. Another day though…).
2. Teddy bears and other soft cute toys (which I collect).
3. Fredrik’s diving gear.
4. 2 cat carriers.
5. Bags…

Five Things in my Car

We don’t own a car…

Five Things in my Purse

1. A lot of receipts.
2. A passport (my ID expired 2 years ago and I still havn’t fixed a new one).
3. A Visa card with an erased magstripe (this happens to me all the time since last year. My other credit cards work excellent, it’s just the Visa card that I have problems with. I’ve tried another purse etc but nothing works. I can’t expect the card to work more than a few weeks. Some people say that it’s due to number 5 on this list, but then why are not my other cards affected?).
4. Chewing gum
5. Two cell phones (one private and one for work. I want to be able to turn of the work phone after office hours but still be able to recieve and make private phone calls).

I suspect that all other foodies have been tagged already, so please feel free to do this meme if you want to!