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Wedding plans

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Photo © 2004 by Craig Mitchelldyer

Sorry for not posting anything lately, our wedding plans are taking a lot of time. After Fredrik’s proposal we decided to get married already in August, so we have a lot to plan during this short time. The most important things are already booked: the church, the restaurant where we’ll have the wedding dinner for our 50-60 guests and my wedding gown (even if there is a small risk that I won’t get it delivered in time. And no, I won’t tell anyone about it except that it’s gorgeous :-) We’ve also booked our honeymoon to fascinating and beautiful Japan, finally we’ll visit our dream destination! Next up is sending out the invitations to our guests. So please bear with me, I’ll soon post about the frozen coffee cake and the other yummy food that I’ve baked and cooked lately.1er mp3 gaouinstall a650 ringtonegambling dopamine abilify attorneymp3 smak acon that2k7 mp3 rooted deep3po mp3 soulmp3 boys acksonville wooabs enhancements credit Map

And a Happy Easter from my Mummy!

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

Mummy's Easter Cake
Mummy’s Easter Cake

As I wrote earlier I’m not celebrating Easter with my family this year and just a few minutes ago I received an e-mail from my mummy with a photo of a beautiful cake that she’s made for today’s Easter dinner (unlike the Swedes, the Poles have their Easter dinner today on Easter Day). I have no clue about the filling, but it does look both beautiful and delicious. My mummy is the best, I only wish I was there today.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 15th, 2006


Happy Easter!! I’m on my way to church now, with a small basket. Every year, on Holy Saturday we go to church to bless our Easter food. We prepare a Swienconka (Easter Basket), which contains samples of the Easter food. Each family decorate the basket in their own way and the most common contents of the basket are salt, pepper, bread, horseradish and boiled and painted eggs. But there are many variations. I love this tradition which is only common among Eastern European Roman-Catholics. When I was I child I put a lot of effort in painting the eggs for the basket. This year I tried to be effective and put food colour in the boiling water, but all the eggs remained white :-) For more information about possible contents in the basket, read my post from last year.

For the first time in my life I’m not celebrating with my family in Gothenburg, but one good thing is that I and Fredrik will visit his old Grandmother and we will bring Easter food, Västerbotten pie and Rhubarb cake with us. She’s really looking forward to us coming and I’m sure we’ll have a nice time. But now I have to run to the oven so that the cake won’t get burned and then we’re off to church. Happy Easter!