EBBP 4 – A parcel from Italy

Bay leaves from a nearby tree
Bay leaves which Ilva has picked from a nearby tree. The background reveals a snowy Stockholm.

First a quick introduction what Euro Blogging by Post is all about. Every second month or so, European food bloggers send food parcels to each other. Every participant gets an e-mail with the receiver’s address from the organiser (this time Andrew), posts a parcel with food to the receiver and then waits for another parcel in return from a secret sender. This is an excellent way of getting to know the other food bloggers and to try foreign food and ingredients.

Yoshi can't resist the rubber duck!
Yoshi can’t resist the dubber duck!

This month I was blessed with a parcel from dear Ilva at Lucullian Delights. One month ago I had the opportunity to meet sweet Ilva at the Swedish food bloggers tapas evening here in Stockholm, and I really hope that we’ll meet again. She’s a really nice and kind person, bubbling with happiness! I was really happy when I realised that it was Ilva who was my secret sender and her wonderful parcel was really considerate, I love all the things that she sent me! Thank you!

Here’s what Ilva sent me:

Fagioli Zolfino

Fagioli Zolfino which is a typical local bean that only can be found in Ilva’s district.

Chickpea flour

Chickpea flour so that I can make the Ligurian dish Farinata which I’m really looking forward to make.

Dried goodies

A bag of dried tomatoes, peproncino, oregano and capers. According to the bag the contents should be put in glass jars and then covered with Olive oil. Mmm, yummy!

Octopus ink

Octopus ink to make black fish and sea fish risotto or to colour homemade pasta.

Lovely chocolote

Bacetti which are Italian chocolates. I’m actually eating these while writing this post, mmm :-)

A lovely parcel

A cute rubber duck to the cats! They love it!

Fresh Bay leaves from a tree in Ilva’s neighbourhood. This must have been the best thing with the whole parcel, because it felt so personal. Imagine Ilva picking these leaves from a tree at home and then sending them to me in snowy Stockholm!

Thank you so much Ilva for this lovely parcel which made me really happy! The contents or your parcel will bless me with wonderful hours in the kitchen experimenting with Italian food. And of course a thank you to Andrew, the man behind this event! His round up of this great event can be found here.

And my parcel which I sent out? The receiver of my Euro Blogging By Post 4 parcel was Johanna at the Passionate Cook, which I can reveal as she has already blogged about my parcel here.

9 Responses to “EBBP 4 – A parcel from Italy”

  1. ilva
    March 29th, 2006 14:33

    Dagmar-And you can imagine how happy I was to discover that you were the destinee of my parcel! I’m so happy you like the things, you tell me when you want another parcel!

  2. Riana
    March 29th, 2006 17:00

    How adorable, the photo of the cat and the duck! Sounds like a really nice parcel!! Lucky ducky!!

  3. Rosa
    March 30th, 2006 07:19

    The contents of your parcel look very interesting…
    In case you want to buy more chickpea flour in a near future, you can find it under the name “besan” in Indian supermarkets.

  4. Anna
    March 30th, 2006 22:59

    I have serious parcel envy!

    I loved your lemon & ricotta pancakes so much I’d like to invite you to participate in this meme – that is, if you haven’t been tagged already and if you are into this sort of a thing…

  5. Pille
    April 4th, 2006 10:43

    I have parcel envy as well:) You’re one lucky girl, Dagmar!

  6. miss piperita
    April 27th, 2006 14:48

    To be precise, the right spelling of “chili peppers” and “oregano” in Italian is “peperoncino” and “origano”.

  7. Pamela
    June 15th, 2006 08:24

    This looks like such fun!! When does the next round take place? I’d love to join in!

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