Pancakes that melt in your mouth


The last two Sundays we’ve been enjoying these lovely pancakes. They are truly delicious with a scent of lemon (or orange, I’ve done both variants) and they melt in your mouth. The original recipe calls for Ricotta, but I used the Swedish quark “Kesella 10%” and the second time I used the Polish quark “Serek Smietankowy Delfiko”. Both turned out really nice. The pancakes are rather fragile so be careful when you fry them. Serve the pancakes with maple syrup or your favourite jam, myself I prefer them with a Polish Raspberry Syrup.

    Lemon and Ricotta pancakes
    (adapted from “Frukost och Brunch” by Jonas Borssén)

    175 ml quark or Ricotta
    50 g melted butter
    3 large eggs, separated into whites and yolks
    1 tsp vanilla scented sugar
    50 ml plain flour
    2 tbsp caster sugar
    1 tbsp lemon or orange zest

    Combine the quark, melted butter, egg yolks and vanilla sugar and put aside. Combine flour, caster sugar and zest in a separate bowl. Combine the two previous mixtures. Whip the egg whites until they become stiff. Carefully combine one third of the egg whites with the pancake batter and blend carefully without loosing the volume from the egg whites. Then add the rest of the egg whites. The batter should be homogeneous and airy.
    Fry small pancakes (about 8-12 ones) in butter.

9 Responses to “Pancakes that melt in your mouth”

  1. Fran
    March 19th, 2006 16:04

    Can’t wait to try these. They look so delicious. Pancakes a real favorite at our house. Thank You.

  2. Pille
    March 19th, 2006 16:17

    These sound yummy – especially that raspberry syrup! I also really like the way you’ve set the picture – it’s nice to see a glimpse of the outside.

  3. Anna
    March 29th, 2006 00:16

    Just discovered your blog: what a lovely recipe – printed it out immediately. I’m totally intrigued by the mix of Swedish and Polish ingredients btw!

  4. Dagmar
    March 29th, 2006 12:59

    Thank you for visiting! The pancakes are delicious, we make them almost every Sunday morning :-)

  5. Jessica
    December 27th, 2006 18:04

    I just tried these pancakes this morning, as my husband is a pancake fiend. I served them with some blueberry-maple syrup (you boil blueberries in maple syrup and let cool — you can keep in the berries or strain them out). My husband’s response was “They’re weird!” Uh-oh … I asked “in a good way, or a bad way?” But he meant in a good — very good! — way. He really loved the light fluffiness of them. I was so surprised one can make pancakes that use so little flour, and the lemon and cheese together is amazing. My only question is what heat setting do you use? We used “medium,” but that seemed to be too hot after a while, because when we flipped the pancakes, the tops were still too uncooked, though the bottom was getting fairly dark. If you have any tips on frying these delicious pancakes, that would be great! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!

  6. Dagmar
    January 1st, 2007 14:29

    Jessica: Hi and thanks for your long comment.. That blueberry maple syrup sounds fantastic, I will try making it. I use medium when I cook the pancakes. My tops are also a bit uncooked when I flip them, but they still are quite firm and easily flipped. Maybe the problem is the cheese that you’re using, maybe it isn’t as firm as mine and therefore it’s difficult flipping the pancakes? Or try making smaller ones?

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