Soup lunch at Steinbrenner & Nyberg

Cake buffet

The wonderful cake buffet that follows the soup.

(Sorry for the poor photo quality. All photos were taken with my cell phone)

One of my favourite lunch places is Steinbrenner & Nyberg. I’ve written about them before, as I often buy lovely cakes with delicious mousse there.

The lunch served at Steinbrenner & Nyberg costs 75 kronor and it may sound much, but it is an all you can eat buffet which isn’t quite common in Sweden. Each day they serve a delicous soup and a variety of freshly baked bread. To the bread there’s butter and cheese. For dessert there’s a cake buffet where you can eat as much cake as you want (!!). And the cakes are not just the standard ones, these are great with lovely mousse fillings. Coffee or tea is included in the price as well.

Fredrik takes soup and bread

Fredrik takes some soup and bread.

When we were there last Friday they served “Sunny red Shrimp soup” which was very nice and the dessert table was just as lovely as always. My favourites this time were the cakes KaffeNöt (hazelnut brownie covered with a layer of nougat truffle and a layer of espresso mousse) and Passionsfrukt (spongecake covered with a layer of banana curd and a layer of Passion Fruit mousse). There were also other lovely cakes, but these were my favourites.

Sunny red Shrimp soup

Sunny red Shrimp soup

Steinbrenner & Nyberg
Ö. Larmgatan 6
031-80 20 28

Mon- Fri: 07:00-20:00
Sat: 09:00-17:00
Sun: closed
(I’m not sure about the lunch hours, call them just in case)
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2 Responses to “Soup lunch at Steinbrenner & Nyberg”

  1. Magnus
    January 30th, 2006 14:37

    Absolutely the best restaurant in Gothenburg! I love their soups! :-D

  2. Douglass Maren
    April 20th, 2010 16:04

    Awesome info. I’m maybe the biggest coffee addict around so I value your opinion.

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