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More than just apple cake

Anne tagged me for a cookbook meme. I know that I ‘m still behind with the other food memes that I have been tagged for but I’ll start with this one anyway :-)

1. How many cookbooks do you own?
I have approximately 25-30 cookbooks and the large one, INTERNET :-)

2. Which cookbook is the one you bought most recently?
The last one bought was “Mer än bara äppelkaka” (which means more than just apple cake) by Claes Karlsson. I bought it yesterday as I couldn’t resist the pretty photos and delicious sounding apple recipes. It was elected as the best dessert cookbook in 2004 and it doesn’t surprise me. Who could resist ovenbaked apples with pecan meringue, apple sorbet and all sorts of nice apple recipes side by side with excellent photos?

The last ones received are “Jamie’s Italy”, “Med smak av Japan” and “Den goda julen” I wrote about those here.

3. Which cookbook is the one you read most recently?
Jamie’s Italy and “Mer än bara äppelkaka”

4. Name five cookbooks which mean a lot to you

Hemkunskapsboken, The book that all Swedish children (in compulsory school) get for the home economics lessons :-) Here you can find everything about how to run a household, private economy, recipes, ingredients; i.e. everything that involves home economics. I’ve had it for ages and I keep it for sentimental reasons and to look up basic cooking sometimes.

Sju Sorters Kakor, which nowadays has an English version called Swedish Cakes and Cookies. This is a classic cookbook with over 300 cookie and cake recpies that probably all Swedes have. It was published in 1945 for the first time and it has been printed in many editions (over 80 or so). I use this book very often and I really like it.

Riddarbageriets bröd (The Riddar bakery’s bread) is a book about bread. Lovely bread recipes that I love to bake.

Två systrars söta by the sisters Eisenham. I bought this last year and I’ve tried a lot of the sisters recipes. Fantastic cookies and cakes. This book should be burned because I can’t resist baking and eating all the goodies…. Not good for me…

Jamie’s dinners, does this book and cook really need an explanation? No, I don’t think so… Great recipes that I often return to.

If you havn’t been tagged yet, feel free to do this meme aswell!

6 Responses to “Cookbook Meme”

  1. Pille
    January 30th, 2006 14:09

    Hi Dagmar – this is my third attempt to leave a comment on this post:)
    I like the sound of the apple book, as it’d be great to use apples for something else than Canadian apple cake (though utterly delicious) for a change..
    And about 15 years ago, I got a book “Cakes, bread and cookies from Sweden” as a present from 2 Swedish sisters. I wonder if it’s a version of “Sju sorters kakor”?

  2. Dagmar
    January 30th, 2006 14:33

    Hi Pille,

    I’ll post a recipe from the “apple book” as soon as I’ll try it out. But your “Canadian” apple cake sounds really lovely and I will try it one day :-)

    I believe that your book is another one. Sju Sorters Kakor wasn’t translated to English until last year (as far as I know). But many of the recipes are probably very similar.

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