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The comment error is solved

Monday, January 30th, 2006

I havn’t checked my mail for a couple of days so I didn’t see the mails about the comments not working. I did a change last week in the settings due to too much spam and I accidently choose a setting that didn’t allow any open or insecure proxies to submit comments. This affected all commenting (except of my own which I tested…). Sorry, but everything should be working now. At least I hope so…

Soup lunch at Steinbrenner & Nyberg

Monday, January 30th, 2006

Cake buffet

The wonderful cake buffet that follows the soup.

(Sorry for the poor photo quality. All photos were taken with my cell phone)

One of my favourite lunch places is Steinbrenner & Nyberg. I’ve written about them before, as I often buy lovely cakes with delicious mousse there.

The lunch served at Steinbrenner & Nyberg costs 75 kronor and it may sound much, but it is an all you can eat buffet which isn’t quite common in Sweden. Each day they serve a delicous soup and a variety of freshly baked bread. To the bread there’s butter and cheese. For dessert there’s a cake buffet where you can eat as much cake as you want (!!). And the cakes are not just the standard ones, these are great with lovely mousse fillings. Coffee or tea is included in the price as well.

Fredrik takes soup and bread

Fredrik takes some soup and bread.

When we were there last Friday they served “Sunny red Shrimp soup” which was very nice and the dessert table was just as lovely as always. My favourites this time were the cakes KaffeNöt (hazelnut brownie covered with a layer of nougat truffle and a layer of espresso mousse) and Passionsfrukt (spongecake covered with a layer of banana curd and a layer of Passion Fruit mousse). There were also other lovely cakes, but these were my favourites.

Sunny red Shrimp soup

Sunny red Shrimp soup

Steinbrenner & Nyberg
Ö. Larmgatan 6
031-80 20 28

Mon- Fri: 07:00-20:00
Sat: 09:00-17:00
Sun: closed
(I’m not sure about the lunch hours, call them just in case)
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Cookbook Meme

Friday, January 27th, 2006

More than just apple cake

Anne tagged me for a cookbook meme. I know that I ‘m still behind with the other food memes that I have been tagged for but I’ll start with this one anyway :-)

1. How many cookbooks do you own?
I have approximately 25-30 cookbooks and the large one, INTERNET :-)

2. Which cookbook is the one you bought most recently?
The last one bought was “Mer än bara äppelkaka” (which means more than just apple cake) by Claes Karlsson. I bought it yesterday as I couldn’t resist the pretty photos and delicious sounding apple recipes. It was elected as the best dessert cookbook in 2004 and it doesn’t surprise me. Who could resist ovenbaked apples with pecan meringue, apple sorbet and all sorts of nice apple recipes side by side with excellent photos?

The last ones received are “Jamie’s Italy”, “Med smak av Japan” and “Den goda julen” I wrote about those here.

3. Which cookbook is the one you read most recently?
Jamie’s Italy and “Mer än bara äppelkaka”

4. Name five cookbooks which mean a lot to you

Hemkunskapsboken, The book that all Swedish children (in compulsory school) get for the home economics lessons :-) Here you can find everything about how to run a household, private economy, recipes, ingredients; i.e. everything that involves home economics. I’ve had it for ages and I keep it for sentimental reasons and to look up basic cooking sometimes.

Sju Sorters Kakor, which nowadays has an English version called Swedish Cakes and Cookies. This is a classic cookbook with over 300 cookie and cake recpies that probably all Swedes have. It was published in 1945 for the first time and it has been printed in many editions (over 80 or so). I use this book very often and I really like it.

Riddarbageriets bröd (The Riddar bakery’s bread) is a book about bread. Lovely bread recipes that I love to bake.

Två systrars söta by the sisters Eisenham. I bought this last year and I’ve tried a lot of the sisters recipes. Fantastic cookies and cakes. This book should be burned because I can’t resist baking and eating all the goodies…. Not good for me…

Jamie’s dinners, does this book and cook really need an explanation? No, I don’t think so… Great recipes that I often return to.

If you havn’t been tagged yet, feel free to do this meme aswell!

A bizarre knife block..

Friday, January 20th, 2006

Knife block

I wouldn’t dare to enter my kitchen if I had this Dutch knife block… Read more about it here.

Help with party food ideas…

Friday, January 20th, 2006

In March I will turn 30… Now that the contract is signed and we actually have somewhere to live, we’re planning for my birthday party. I still havn’t sent out the invitations, so I don’t know how many people will come. But I still would appreciate ideas what to serve… All ideas are very welcome. Even if I don’t eat meat I don’t have any problems with serving it to my guests, so meat proposals are welcome as well.

Please help with ideas and links! :-)

Welcome to our new kitchen!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

New kitchen!

Finally we have bought a wonderful appartment in Stockholm! We were there last Sunday to have a look at 5 different ones, and the bidding was finally over tonight and the contract is signed. We will move in someday between February and March :-) Honestly, this appartment was our second choice but I hope that we will feel at home here as well.

So, do you like our new kitchen with granite bench tops, built-in fan oven, Oak kitchen cabinets, ceramic hob, dishwasher, microwave, large fridge and freezer (all other appartments that we looked at had really small ones) and fan? Well, it doesn’t matter because I love it :-)

New kitchen!

New kitchen!

Smörgåstårta – Sandwich Cake

Monday, January 16th, 2006


Smörgåstårta, which means Sandwich Cake, is typical party food in Sweden. It’s like a large sandwich with a lot of creamy filling, just like a cake, and it is served cold. The smörgåstårta consists of several layers of bread slices (most common is toast bread) with different delicious creamy fillings. It is then decorated with mayonnaise, sea food and vegetables. The sea food smörgåstårta on the photo was made by my mother for my brother’s 40th birthday and it has two layers of creamy yummy filling. I don’t know exactly what she used, but among other ingredients there were mayonnaise, boiled eggs, crayfish tails, shrimps, asparagus, caviar and dill leafs. Delicious but far from fat free….

Smörgåstårta can be made with all sorts of fillings, but I have always prefered the sea food one that my mother makes. It’s great party food as it can be prepared in advance, it looks beautiful and it’s rather easy to make. Just use your imagination when combining fillings, but don’t forget that a dry sandwich cake that don’t have enough filling is a bad sandwich cake! :-)

Pille at Nami-Nami made a lovely Ham Sandwich Cake for New Years Eve, read her post here.

Euro Blogging by Post 3

Friday, January 13th, 2006
A secret box from Anna!

I love participating in the blogging by mail/post events. Who doesn’t like surprises or, most of all, foreign foodie gifts? And it’s such fun to prepare the parcel that you send out as well. Another great thing is that you get to know about food blogs that you maybe never have encountered before, as you all know there are so many that you can’t read and know about all of them.

Euro Blogging by Post 3 is hosted by Johanna from the lovely blog the Passionate Cook. She choose “Comfort Me” as theme, which I think was an excellent choice. That’s just what we all need during winter!

Yesterday, after a long day at work, I came home finding a dispatch note in the mailbox. As sender the mailman had only written “England”, so I was very curious when I walked to the post office to get my parcel (or actually the grocery as they nowadays handles all parcels). When I got the parcel in my hand I became even more curious as I didn’t recognize the sender at all. Anna from England… Hmm…

Anna in England turned out to be Anna at Baking for Britain, a blog that I never had seen before. Lovely blog and photos. And her parcel was great! Dear Anna sent me lovely gifts. She made me really happy and it was a pleasure to open it, as she had wrapped all gifts individually in food magazine paper with beautiful food photos and instead of scotch she had used cute food stickers! Everything was perfect and she put so much effort on the parcel. She had read on my blog that I really want to visit Japan one day, so she even sent a mix for Green Tea ice cream. Anna actually spent a whole month in Japan last year! Lucky girl! I will probably try the ice cream mix this weekend, it sounds really exciting. Anna also sent me a book that sounds just lovely, “Apricots on the Nile”. It is written by Colette Rossant who grew up in Egypt. She was sent to Egypt as a child during World War II where she found comfort among the cooks and servants in the kitchen. The book is full of recipes and as I’m planning to start reading it tonight I’m really looking forward for this evening. As mentioned earlier the theme for this Euro Blogging by Post is comfort so Anna also sent me Bath fizzers and face masks! How cute and considerate. Unfortunately we don’t have any bath tub, but if everything goes as planned we will have it in Stockholm. Anna’s homemade Grasmere Gingerbread that she also sent are lovely, I really like oatmeal in cookies and biscuits. Furthermore I received Moroccan green tea, Liquourice Comfits (and as Anna wrote herself: the name sounds comforting), Vanilla pods and Rosemary chocolate. The Vanilla pods (mmm, smells so good) will be used when I bake and the other things I havn’t tried yet but they all sound delicious.

I could write so much about Anna’s parcel, but I will stop here and leave you with the photos of all gifts. Thank you so much again, Anna! All the things are really comforting and I’m so happy.

A big thanks also to Johanna who hosted part 3 of Euro Blogging by Post. Her round-up with links to all posts about the comfort parcels can be read here.

Vanilla pods Moroccan Green Tea with Spearmint

Vanilla pods and Moroccan Green Tea with Spearmint

Book and Magazine Liquorice Comfits

Apricots on the Nile by Colette Rossant, Waitrose Food Magazine and Liquorice Comfits

Green Tea Ice cream Bath Fizzers and face masks

Green Tea Ice-cream mix, Bath Fizzers and Face masks

Grasmere Gingerbread from Cumbria Chocolate with Rosemary

Homemade Grasmere Gingerbread and Chocolate with Rosemary