The Nobel Banquet

Today, December 10th, is the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. Since 1901 the Nobel Prizes have been presented to the Laureates at ceremonies on this day. I will not write about the Nobel Price here, but you can read about it on the official homepage. But I will mention a few words about the Nobel Banquet that follows the ceremonies.

The Nobel Banquet is held for about 1300 guests, among them the Nobel Laureates with their families, Their Majesties the King and Queen and other members of the Royal Family of Sweden. There are of course other important guests there as well. The Nobel dinner is luxurious and the menu is not revealed until 7 p.m the same day as the Banquet is, and that was just a few minutes ago. You can read this year’s menu further down in this post; it is always presented in French but an English translation is added as well.

The responsible Banquet staff consists of 280 people: 156 waiters/waitresses, 52 wine waiters, 33 chefs/pastry chefs/cold buffet manageresses, 18 washer-ups and 5 head waiters. The Nobel Banquet demands careful organization as all 1300 guests have to get their warm food at the same time. It takes the staff 6 minutes to carry out the food from the kitchen to the guests!! The different dishes are started to be served at very specific times: the starter is served at 7.18 pm, the main course is served at 8.20 pm, the dessert is served at 9.21 pm and afterwards the dancing begins at about 10.30 pm. I don’t know about you, but it’s amazing that the staff manages to serve all their 1300 guests in such a short time as 6 minutes.

The first Nobel Banquet in 1901 was attended by 113 male guests. The first female guest didn’t appear until two years later, in the shape of Polish Marie Curie who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, sharing it with her husband Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel. During the years the guests have increased, but as long as the Nobel Banquet will be held in the Stockholm City Hall they won’t increase as there is no more space.

    Menu from the Nobel Banquet 2005

    Pannacotta d´écrevisses avec omble chevalier,
    coquilles Saint-Jacques et langoustines

    Poitrine de perdrix des neiges
    en robe forestière et sa garniture,
    gâteau de pommes de terre,
    sauce Normande

    Mousse citronnée garnie de framboises,
    coulis de framboises arctiques

    Pommery Grand Cru Vintage 1995

    Penfolds RWT 2001
    Barossa Valley

    Le Dauphin de Guiraud 2002

    Remy Martin VSOP

    Eau minérale Ramlösa

    Translation in English:

    Crayfish panna cotta with fennel-baked Arctic char, scallops and Norway lobster on baby lettuce

    Ptarmigan breast baked in horn of plenty mushrooms with caramelised apples, poached onions and broad beans, served with Calvados sauce and potato cake

    Lemon and yoghurt mousse with Arctic bramble marmalade, fresh raspberries and raspberry-Arctic bramble sauce

If you want your mouth to water even more you can read all earlier menus starting from 1901 here. And more information about the Banquet can be found here.

To this day no cat has been invited to the Nobel Banquet which is a pity as my cats would love some Crayfish panna cotta. But I guess that we’ll just watch the whole Banquet on TV, because it’s a really big event and thus shown live on Swedish TV.

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  1. Anne
    December 14th, 2005 07:02

    Couldn’t resist tagging you with the latest meme.. :)

  2. Indyfoodie
    December 20th, 2005 22:44

    Wow, I had no idea in Sweden you can WATCH the banquet on TV! The menue sounds devine! The only big banquet they show here is when all of the states govoners go to the White House, its really very interesting. They show all the prep stuff, food, flowers, table settings, and usually some famous singer will preform.

  3. Tenders
    September 5th, 2009 14:32

    Отличное наполнение блога, есть что почитать интересного, спс

  4. Ruuuorg
    October 10th, 2009 11:24

    Мнения расходятся, поддержу большинство.

    October 24th, 2009 21:15

    One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever and ever.

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