Trash – a dirty meme

Joanna from Joannas Food mailed me a few days ago, asking what I do with all kitchen trash.

Some apartment houses have special trash rooms for recycling and composting, but in our house we just throw all garbage in the same dumpster. Which means that we throw everything… no recycling except of newspapers and bottles. The newspapers are placed in a special dumpster and the large plastic bottles used for mineral water or soda we take back to the store for recycling. Glass bottles we tend to stack a long time, until we get tired of them and try to find a special glass recycling that can be found here and there. The rest of the trash is packed in the plastic bags that we get when we buy our groceries. I don’t know many people at all who compost their left overs or recycle emtpy cans, probably because we lack the possibility.

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  1. ostwestwind
    December 2nd, 2005 10:07

    Huh, we must divide our trash in
    paper, plastics, glass and biological waste.

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