Catching up

Kungsholmen in Stockholm

It’s been a busy week, just like the week before. It’s happening a lot here and I feel bad for not posting so often anymore. I havn’t baked or cooked much lately, but I have a bunch of cookies and cakes to post about that I’ll try to post during the coming week.

We’re moving. Or actually we’re not moving yet. At this point we’re searching for appartments in Stockholm and we’re also establishing contact with an estate agent here in Gothenburg so that we can sell our appartment. Fredrik’s office moved to Stockholm last autumn, for about 10 months we took turns commuting on the weekends as he had a temporary appartment there. In June this year he got a special deal commuting to England every second week and working from home the rest of the time as we thought that we spent to little time with each other. In January/February next year the project is closing and there are no jobs for game designers in Gothenburg. As you all know I had to leave my job so we decided to move to Stockholm, where we both have jobs. I can easily change office within my new job at the consultant company. We both feel sad for moving, we will miss our familys even though it’s only 3 hours by train to Stockholm. The biggest problem is finding an appartment though. We went up just a few days ago as we were invited to the release party of the game that Fredrik’s been working with for the last few years, and because we wanted to see and make a bid on an appartment that we had fallen in love with. The appartment was just as wonderful as on all the photos that we had watched on the internet but we were shocked by the bidding; the prices in Stockholm are insane. “Our” appartment increased by $143 000 in just a few hours, leading to an insane high price per square metre – probably one of the highest this year. Anyway, we are still dissapointed that we lost the bidding but we’re searching for new appartments everyday.

When we were in Stockholm we stopped by at Gray’s, the American food store. We bought some Oreo cookies and I really have to say that I like my homemade Oreos much better, especially since they don’t stick as badly in your teeth :-)

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  1. Catesa
    November 24th, 2005 22:00

    sorry you guys didnt win the bid on the apartament, prices are insane in the big cities but auctions are always a good way to go. best of luck in your new apartament search :)

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