My kind of cookbook

Life is hard, very hard. I just bought the LOVELY cookbook “Två systrars söta” by Lisa and Monica Eisenman and I don’t know which recipe to try first!!! Lisa and Monica are sisters and they have their own cookbook café and catering in Stockholm, inspired by Books For Cooks in London. Their own cookbook is wonderful, totally my kind of cookbook with cakes, desserts, tarts and all kind of sweets.

Now I have to return to the book and make up my mind, maybe my new chocolate from Flickorna Kanold , a local chocolatier in Gothenburg, will help… :-)

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  1. Catesa
    October 27th, 2005 19:47

    pretty chocolates always help :) enjoy!

  2. Anne
    October 28th, 2005 07:00

    Aaaah! Yeah, that one is on my wishlist, for sure. I saw it the other day, it seemed really nice. I’m hoping they’ll be at the food show, they usually are – then maybe I can get a signed copy :) And hey, that’s another vote for Stockholm right there: The Cookbook Café.. :)

  3. Dagmar
    October 29th, 2005 17:02

    The food show would be terrible for both my wallet and back :-) I managed to “only” buy 4 cookbooks at the book fair, and I think that I would have a hard time not buying too many cookbooks at the food show if I’ll decide to go :-)

    Yes, The Cookbook Café is definately another vote for Stockholm…

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