Weekend Cat Blogging #20

Bowser on top of the kitchen cupboard.

It’s time for weekend cat blogging again. Each weekend food Bloggers around the world share pictures of their cute cats. Just send your permalink in a comment to Clare at Eat Stuff and add a “Weekend Cat Blogging” tag to your post.

I’ts been a while since I posted for Weekend Cat Blogging. Our cute Gideon is nowadays called Bowser since we wanted a more personal name. His old family called him Tiger but it didn’t feel right. As Bowser now pays attention to his new name he probably doesn’t mind. He likes to snuggle and sleep under the cover with us, he is adorable and so social. But the cats havn’t got on with each other; the first weeks went rather fine, but then it turned and finally Bowser got nervous and was afraid of strolling around in the appartment since Yoshi was too dominant. We decided to neuter him a bit earlier than planned as we thought that it wasn’t clever with 2 neutered cats (which of one is very dominant) and a fertile one. It’s only been a week since the operation and it’s already much better. Bowser seems to feel more confident, he has started to move around more and he is even calm and kind when he meets up with Tanuki. I’m sure that everything will be gradually better and better and we already feel relieved about the improvment.

The curious reader may wonder why our cats have so strange names. All our cats are named after characters in the video game Super Mario, and Yoshi and Tanuki have also Japanese meanings as I’m really interested in Japanese culture and language.

Yoshi: means both best and happiness in Japanese which is perfect since Yoshi was my first much longed-for cat. Yoshi is also one of the characters in the Super Mario video games. As you already know Fredrik works as a game designer and as we both like video games this name was perfect.

Tanuki: is a Japanese a typical species of dog. In Japanese folklore it is described as a magical racoon-like dog with shape-shifting powers. Tanuki also appears in the game Super Mario, as a costume that the hero Mario wears.

Bowser: doesn’t unfortunately have a Japanese meaning. The character Bowser’s full name is King Bowser and he’s a turtle-like dragon that also appears in the Super Mario games. Bowser is the hero Mario’s arch-nemesis, and automatically an enemy to Yoshi as well as Yoshi is a friend of Mario. Bowser is a very suitable name for the moment :-)

11 Responses to “Weekend Cat Blogging #20”

  1. Catesa
    October 22nd, 2005 14:17

    oh i love his squishy little face!!

  2. Clare Eats
    October 22nd, 2005 14:18

    oh that is soooo cute!

    Kiri is a japanese name too! It means mist in japanese, which we thought was perfect with his colouring. My parents have two cats which y sister and I called Alita (from the Manga Battle angel alita) and Jubei from Ninja scroll :))

    So glad that bowser is becoming a part of your kitty family, he is such a beautiful boy!
    I hope your kitty’s can come to Kiri’s first birthday party!

  3. Barbara Fisher
    October 22nd, 2005 16:35

    Oh, what a handsome boy, Dagmar!

    I like his name, too.

    Cat communities always take time to form and reform after a new cat enters a household. We are going through that with our new kitten, now.

    Good luck!

  4. linda
    October 22nd, 2005 17:05

    He looks so relaxed…..
    and adorable!

  5. Anne
    October 22nd, 2005 17:40

    Oh, I’m so happy to hear that they’re getting on a bit better! He is just gorgeous. He was always the largest of the bunch, and it looks like he’ll keep going that way. You really have to show him some time :)

  6. IndyFoodie
    October 22nd, 2005 18:44

    What a face! He is so sweet!

  7. cin
    October 23rd, 2005 15:06

    such a gorgeous photo! he looks very contented, Dagmar.

  8. Tracey
    October 23rd, 2005 22:47

    Gullig katt!

    Completely off topic question: can you tell me what “cake flour” (mjöl) is called in the Swedish supermarket? Or, where can I find both “self-rising” flour and “cake” flour? I think it might be that our market (on Tjörn) is very small and has only limited (plain) flour.

    I can happily go to the city and get some…but I need to know the difference! (I feel really stupid and apologize for messing up your comments with the question!)

    Thank you

  9. boo_licious
    October 24th, 2005 13:34

    Bowser is so cute. I love his pose and the story about how all the cats got their names.

  10. Dollface
    October 24th, 2005 17:09

    What kind of camera do you use? You always have the best photos. :)

  11. Dagmar
    October 26th, 2005 13:53

    Thanks to all of you :-) Bowser is best, togehter with Tanuki and Yoshi of course.

    No worries, I’m just glad to help :-)
    For cakes choose normal “Vetemjöl”. For bread and pasta choose “Vetemjöl Special” which have a higher level of protein. There is apparently a self-raising flour fron Kungsörnen called “Extra fint mjöl”, but I’ve never seen it myself as not many stores have it. The best thing for you to do is just to substitute with normal vetemjöl and baking powder.

    Thank you, you really flatter me. I have an old camera: Olympus Camedia C-3020, but it suits me just fine. I’m just worried about autumn/winter as the flash ruins all photos; it’s so much better to take photos in natural light.

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