Coming up this week…

I’ve been very lazy lately, but coming up this week here at A cat in the kitchen:

  • My Blogging by mail 2 package from Sue in San Fransisco
  • Rhubarb muffins with almond paste (yes rhubarb for Fredrik!!! I had some in the freezer)
  • Trumpet Chanterelles
  • Farmers market in Gothenburg
  • Sugar High Friday #13 – The Dark Side
  • Dark rye bread: “Dansken”
  • Oven baked root vegetables and Halloumi cheese

Until tomorrow when I start posting the above, I recommend a visit at MuffinFilms… 12 short films about Muffins, the last one called “Muffinale” is adorable. I just love the song which the Muffins sing… Or as Fredrik said : “Slightly annoying” :-)

Screen shot from Muffinale at MuffinFilms

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