Autumnal walk

Yesterday I handed in my laptop and cell phone, so this is my first day off from work. As I hadn’t visited my parents for such a long time I decided to see them today. On the bus I read the local newspaper Metro. When I arrived I told my father about a mushroom article in Metro, about the current mushroom season and that there are plenty of them in the woods.

My father is a great mushroom expert and he always picks huge amounts of them which he and my mother either dry or freeze. The dried mushrooms are used in two of the Christmas dishes: uszki (= small ears) and pierogi, which are almost like a kind of tortellini.

My father was quite surprised about the article as he havn’t seen any mushrooms during the last weeks, however he picked a lot earlier this summer/autumn so he got very excited and suggested that we should all go out and search for them. I borrowed a pair of rubber boots and then we went by car to Hindås, which is just outside Gothenburg. We had a very nice autumnal walk and the weather was lovely, but just as my father suspected, no mushrooms… at least no edible ones. I found some bilberries though, and we had a very pleasant walk in the the woods.

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  1. Pille
    October 8th, 2005 16:51

    Hi Dagmar – I really like the top picture of the blueberries and the mushroom one – reminds me of good old days at home:) I can’t really figure out why, but all the blueberries I’ve come across here in Scotland (whether bought in a large supermarket, local deli or at the farmers market) are white inside. The ones back home are deep dark blue both outside and inside – I’m sure it’s the same in Sweden??

  2. Dagmar
    October 9th, 2005 15:18

    Hi Pille!

    Thanks :-) I’m planning to search for mushrooms with my parents once again next week.
    You’re right that the blueberries are deep dark blue both inside and outside. I was quite surprised to find them as the blueberry season should be over. I guess that the Scotish ones are cultivated ones, at least I think that the garden blueberries are white inside but I’m not sure.

  3. Zabeena
    October 11th, 2005 14:41

    Wild blueberries down here in England are also blue inside. Sadly, none left.

  4. keiko
    October 17th, 2005 07:48

    Dagmar – such gorgeous pictures, I especially like the top one like Pille does :) Enjoy the beautiful season.

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