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This month I’m taking part in both Euro Blogging by Post 2 ( organized by Andrew at Spittoon)and Blogging by Mail 2 (organized by Samantha at The Samantha Files). For thoose of you who don’t know what it’s all about, it is basically two events where bloggers send each other food parcels. The first one is only for Europeans and the second one is open for everyone. I prepared and sent my food parcels 1.5 weeks ago and Joanna at Joanna’s Food received her EBBP parcel last week. I won’t write my recipient for BBM until I know that the parcel has reached it’s destination somewhere outside Europe.

Anyway, this morning I received a dispatch note from the post office!! Hurrah! I’ve really been waiting for my food parcels so I was so happy. It didn’t say any sender, just that the sending country was the Netherlands. So I almost ran to the post office to get my parcel. At home I finally got to open it, and it was just like Christmas! The parcel was sent by Taina aka Kitchen Queen Tai at Something’s Cooking. Thank you soooo much Taina!!! I love everything!!! She prepared a real thoughful “cat in the kitchen” parcel. Everything was so well-considered!!! She had even drawn a cat on the address label and the card where she had written about all the contents was a cute cat card, “A-Z of cats”.

So, here are the contents of the food parcel:

Lovely Strawberry honey jam, which is the fruity theme that Andrew suggested for this month. Taina wrote in the card that she had read that I looove strawberries and yes, that I do :-) And I definately love this jam as well. It’s the new flavour of the year, and I really hope that we get this stuff to Sweden as well! Mmmm, yummy! I tried it on homebaked dark bread that I baked yesterday and it was perfect!

This month we were supposed to send something seasonal, and Taina sent me Speculaas. Taina says that the Dutch eat these spiced cookies all autumn, awaiting Sinterklaas, which is a Dutch holiday on the 5th of December. I havn’t tried the large cookies yet, but I’m guessing that they probably taste a lot like Swedish Pepparkakor. But I’ll soon find out :-) (I’m really trying not to eat all the contents today…).

Next item I just loved, and I’m really trying to keep my hands of them: mini Stroopwafels. They are so delicous and I can’t stop eating them!!! Stroopwafels are caramel wafles and Taina says that they normally are as big as a coffe coaster. This mini variant is perfect (but I’m sure that the original size is that aswell).

Sweet Taina read that I like salmiak (liqourice) so she sent the cutest candy that I’ve ever seen. They are called Kattekoppen = Cat heads (!!) and they both look and taste really great!

Andrew wanted us to send something from our cupboard which the recipient then is supposed to use in a dish. I got an easy one: noodles. I really love the package!!!

Last but not least there was a mouse with cat nip (fabric, not a real one..) for Bowser, Yoshi and Tanuki!! Taina has 6 (!!!) cats, all Somali/Abussinian. My cats love their present. If they could say “thank you” I’m sure that they would. But on second thoughts cats are self-centred and would probably never thank anyone for anything :-)

Thank you so much Taina for being so considerate and kind, the parcel was wonderful and I was really lucky to get you as my sender. I love all the things and the mouse is so cute.

5 Responses to “Euro Blogging by Post 2”

  1. the Kitchen Queens
    October 5th, 2005 21:01

    :D Purrrrrfect! The mouse has been put in good use I see. So glad you liked all the goodies, love KQ Tai

  2. Catesa
    October 7th, 2005 22:49

    how nice to see all those yummy Dutch treats i loooove speculaas! stroopwafels too! enjoy :D

  3. superfuji
    October 8th, 2005 00:25

    Hi Dagmar, I just tagged you for another meme, The kitchen meme, if you want, of course.
    ciao ciao

  4. Dagmar
    October 9th, 2005 15:23

    KQ Tai,

    Thanks once more. Everything was perfect. But I’m sad to say that the stroopwafels are all eaten!! :-)

    Thanks :-) I sure enjoyed the stroopwafels, they are my new favourite!!

    Thanks, df course I will do the kitchen meme. Just give me some time to clean the kitchen first :-)

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