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Weekend Cat Blogging #21 – Party time!!!

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

Bowser, dressed up and ready to party!

It’s time for weekend cat blogging again. Each weekend food Bloggers around the world share pictures of their cute cats. Just send your permalink in a comment to Clare at Eat Stuff and add a “Weekend Cat Blogging” tag to your post.

A big happy birthday to Kiri! Bowser is already dressed for the party, Tanuki is responsible for the flowers and Yoshi is still in the bathroom making himself ready. Lets party!!!

Tanuki, responsible for the birthday flowers to Kiri!

My kind of cookbook

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Life is hard, very hard. I just bought the LOVELY cookbook “Två systrars söta” by Lisa and Monica Eisenman and I don’t know which recipe to try first!!! Lisa and Monica are sisters and they have their own cookbook café and catering in Stockholm, inspired by Books For Cooks in London. Their own cookbook is wonderful, totally my kind of cookbook with cakes, desserts, tarts and all kind of sweets.

Now I have to return to the book and make up my mind, maybe my new chocolate from Flickorna Kanold , a local chocolatier in Gothenburg, will help… :-)

Food in my ears

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

I havn’t felt so well during the last week, so instead of cooking and blogging I’m listening….

Weekend Cat Blogging #20

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

Bowser on top of the kitchen cupboard.

It’s time for weekend cat blogging again. Each weekend food Bloggers around the world share pictures of their cute cats. Just send your permalink in a comment to Clare at Eat Stuff and add a “Weekend Cat Blogging” tag to your post.

I’ts been a while since I posted for Weekend Cat Blogging. Our cute Gideon is nowadays called Bowser since we wanted a more personal name. His old family called him Tiger but it didn’t feel right. As Bowser now pays attention to his new name he probably doesn’t mind. He likes to snuggle and sleep under the cover with us, he is adorable and so social. But the cats havn’t got on with each other; the first weeks went rather fine, but then it turned and finally Bowser got nervous and was afraid of strolling around in the appartment since Yoshi was too dominant. We decided to neuter him a bit earlier than planned as we thought that it wasn’t clever with 2 neutered cats (which of one is very dominant) and a fertile one. It’s only been a week since the operation and it’s already much better. Bowser seems to feel more confident, he has started to move around more and he is even calm and kind when he meets up with Tanuki. I’m sure that everything will be gradually better and better and we already feel relieved about the improvment.

The curious reader may wonder why our cats have so strange names. All our cats are named after characters in the video game Super Mario, and Yoshi and Tanuki have also Japanese meanings as I’m really interested in Japanese culture and language.

Yoshi: means both best and happiness in Japanese which is perfect since Yoshi was my first much longed-for cat. Yoshi is also one of the characters in the Super Mario video games. As you already know Fredrik works as a game designer and as we both like video games this name was perfect.

Tanuki: is a Japanese a typical species of dog. In Japanese folklore it is described as a magical racoon-like dog with shape-shifting powers. Tanuki also appears in the game Super Mario, as a costume that the hero Mario wears.

Bowser: doesn’t unfortunately have a Japanese meaning. The character Bowser’s full name is King Bowser and he’s a turtle-like dragon that also appears in the Super Mario games. Bowser is the hero Mario’s arch-nemesis, and automatically an enemy to Yoshi as well as Yoshi is a friend of Mario. Bowser is a very suitable name for the moment :-)

Rhubarb Muffins with Almond Paste

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Mmm, Muffins….

Has the girl gone crazy? Rhubarb and Almond paste? Again? And this time together?
After Fredrik’s post about rhubarb the other day, I recalled that I had some rhubarb in the freezer. And as you’ve noticed I just can’t resist almond paste…
I found a lovely muffins recipe on ICA’s homepage, that I just had to try especially since one of the gifts that I got from my colleagues last week was a muffin tin for giant muffins. The muffins turned out great, but on the other hand rhubarb is great in all shapes and forms :-)

    Rhubarb Muffins with Almond Paste

12 normal ones or 6 giant

200 gram rhubarb
75 gram butter
100 ml milk
2 eggs
150 ml demerara sugar
250 ml flour
1.5 tsp baking soda

75 gram almond paste
25 gram butter
0.5 tsp cardamom (I didn’t have any so I used cinnamon instead)

25 gram almond chips

Rinse and peel the rhubarb, cut it in 1 cm pieces. Melt the butter, add the milk and let it cool. Whip the eggs with the sugar until fluffy. Add the butter and milk. Combine the flour with the baking soda and the rhubarb; add to the egg mixture. Pour the batter two-thirds of the way full into a greased muffin tin or in individual paper forms.

Grate the almond paste. Add butter and cardamom and mix until smooth. Divide the mixture into 6 pieces or small balls, or 12, depending on which tin or forms you use. Squeeze down an almond paste piece in every muffin, but not too deep as it will sink while in the oven. Sprinkle the almond chips over the muffins and bake in 225°C, for about 15-20 minutes depending on your oven!

Here you can see the almond paste kernel and the lovely rhubarb

Bun and Danish pastry gluttons

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

Wienerbröd med bär (Danish pastries with berries)

My dear mummy came by today and as usual she didn’t came empty handed. She had bought 5 Vaniljbullar (Vanilla Buns) and 4 Wienerbröd med bär (Danish pastries with berries) at Hanis Hembageri in Saluhallen. Yes, there were only us with all the goodies, so typical for my mother to buy that many :-) I love vanilla buns, they are filled with lovely custard that I can’t resist. I love the Danish pastries as well; filled with raspberries, blueberries and custard… Mmm…(and of course we didn’t eat all of them; there were plenty left for Fredrik and also for my brother that was here for Wednesday dinner). Thanks again mummy, I love you!

Vaniljbullar (Vanilla Buns)

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Blogging By Mail 2

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

Last Friday morning when I checked my mails I was really surprised. There was a mail waiting for me from Sue in San Fransisco, which turned out to be my secret swap partner for this great food package exchange event that Samantha at The Samantha Files has arranged. Sue had FedEX:ed my package just 2 days earlier and when she looked at the status on their homepage, it said “incorrect address” so she asked me to track it down. Of course, no worries! I was really curious about the contents so I immediately phoned FedEX. The strange thing is that the address was totally correct. I think that I spoke with them 3 times, and I finally decided to go get the package myself at their local office as they wouldn’t deliver it until Monday (today). As we were going to IKEA to buy another BILLY bookcase and some other things (after rearranging the furniture we amazingly got some extra space for another part to our existing BILLY combination), we had borrowed Fredrik’s parents car so there were no problems for us picking up the package in the industrial estate which happened to be just on the way to IKEA. When we came home after the shopping, I finally got to open the package! Thank you so much Sue, I love everything. Thanks for the effort and all the lovely contents!

Here are the things that sweet Sue sent me:

Delicious homebaked Toffee cookies. They were really lovely and I’m looking forward for the recipe that Sue will mail me. I will definately bake these!

Great coffee from Peet’s Coffee. We immediately brewed some coffee that we drank to the toffee cookies. Mmmm :-)

Next up were these Penguin caffeinated chocolate mints. Fredrik loves them!

Homemade tootsie roll candies. Very nice indeed!

Sue also sent Pear Jam. I havn’t tried it yet, but I’m sure that it will be lovely!

Hibiscus tea. I love Hibiscus tea!

Black Walnuts. Sue writes that this is the only non-California item. They are from Missouri where she was born. Her family sends them to her once a year for her cookies and brownies. The package is gigantic, almost 600 grams! I will use them well!

I also recievied these two cookie dough scented candles!

And last but but not least: 2 lovely place mats and a wine bottle cover.

Another big thanks to Sue! Thank you so much for your kindness and your wonderful package! Take care!

Coming up this week…

Monday, October 17th, 2005

I’ve been very lazy lately, but coming up this week here at A cat in the kitchen:

  • My Blogging by mail 2 package from Sue in San Fransisco
  • Rhubarb muffins with almond paste (yes rhubarb for Fredrik!!! I had some in the freezer)
  • Trumpet Chanterelles
  • Farmers market in Gothenburg
  • Sugar High Friday #13 – The Dark Side
  • Dark rye bread: “Dansken”
  • Oven baked root vegetables and Halloumi cheese

Until tomorrow when I start posting the above, I recommend a visit at MuffinFilms… 12 short films about Muffins, the last one called “Muffinale” is adorable. I just love the song which the Muffins sing… Or as Fredrik said : “Slightly annoying” :-)

Screen shot from Muffinale at MuffinFilms