Comfort shopping

Sorry for not updating during the last week, I havn’t been inspired to neither cook or bake. This spring my company was sold by it’s Swedish owners to a foreign investment company. We were merged with two other companies with the same profile. You can guess what happened among other things: 70 of 290 people at our headquarters in Gothenburg were given notice in August. This Wednesday the negotiations between the company and the union were finished. I’m very sad to say that I’m one of those 70 people. My company prefers to outsource my knowledge and competence to our consultant company that we hire when needed. I was rather prepared that I would be one of the noticed, as I’ve only been working for my company for 2 years and Swedish law says that the last person employed will be the first to go. But I still was hopeful. I wasn’t prepared to hear that they didn’t want my competence which we at the IT department know is needed. At the same time I was told that our consultant company wanted to hire me; of course they want to hire me now when my company still needs the competence, but from the consultant company that doesn’t have anyone with the same knowledge. I think that everything is so stupid. To hire a consultant is so much more expensive, but I shouldn’t care. It’s their decision. At least I’m not alone… My period of employment will last until last December which means that I will get my last salary at the end of January. I’m only going to work for another week, just to finish up some things and then I will just be at home with full salary. I’m glad that I’ll get payed even though I won’t be working. I will bake, cook and think over things. Do I want to continue with SAP R/3 programming and integration? Or what do I do? I won’t be having trouble finding a new job within SAP, but I’m still sad that I have to go. I’m going to miss all my colleagues, we had so much fun together and I had a really great time. I feel exluded. I’m sad. But I’ll get over it, I know.

To comfort myself I went on a small shopping spree which resulted in a small spring form (16 cm) with two bottoms, 3 small jars for jam and a lovely large heat-resistant silicone spatula from Le Creuset.

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  1. Cindy
    September 25th, 2005 20:22

    I’ve discovered your blog yesterday.
    Sad to hear that you’ve been one of those 70.
    Good luck for the future.
    PS : nice spring form, I like it.

  2. Anne
    September 25th, 2005 20:54

    Neeeej. Vad tråkigt. :( *kram*

  3. Lena
    September 25th, 2005 21:50

    Fy va trist. Hoppas du hittar ett nytt jobb som du gillar och med bra arbetskamrater förståss. Men visst måste det vara lite skönt att få vara hemma med lön ett tag.

  4. Catesa
    September 26th, 2005 13:56

    a little retail therapy helps sooth the bad feelings! sorry to hear you are losing your job but as you said, experienced SAP/ABAP programmers never have trouble finding work. Its such a high paying contract work here im still trying to convince Husband it would be good for the business to learn it :D you will find something new soon, good luck!!

  5. keiko
    September 27th, 2005 22:53

    Oh Dagmar, I’m sorry to hear that you have to leave, but I’m sure you’ll find even better job soon. Meanwhile, keep cooking!

  6. Dagmar
    September 28th, 2005 22:55

    Thanks to you all, you are so sweet :-)

  7. Alice
    September 28th, 2005 23:16

    Väldigt beklagligt! Men du tycks ha köpt precis rätt saker för att livet ska kännas en gnutta bättre. Får jag även föreslå ett besök till Berzeli Choklad?

  8. Barbara Fisher
    September 29th, 2005 16:59

    Sorry I am late getting to this–my blog time has been cut short recently due to working on the house and being a full time Mom, but I am so sorry to hear about you losing your job, Dagmar. I am sure you will find work again, and probably soon, as you do have very marketable skills.

    Take care, and keep writing! I will be sending positive job-seeking thoughts your way.

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