Sugar High Friday #12 – Rice Crispies Meringue Cake with Lemon Custard

This month’s Sugar High Friday is hosted by Elise of Simply Recipes the theme is custard. Read about all the other participants entries on the round-up page.

As I wrote in an earlier post today, it’s my beloved Fredrik’s birthday today and of course he needs a birthday cake!! This year I wanted to try a new recipe and over at the Swedish food blog Cissis Gott och Blandat I very recently saw a post about a Rice Crispies cake that sounded wonderful.

The cake tasted great, even though it was just a tiny bit too sweet. But meringue is sweet as you all know :-) The custard was lovely; smooth and with just the right tangyness.

Here’s the recipe, translated:

    Rice Crispies Meringue Cake with Lemon Custard

    4 egg whites
    200 ml sugar
    300 ml Kellog’s Rice Crispies

    Lemon Custard:
    4 egg yolks
    100 ml sugar
    1 tbsp flour
    100 ml cream
    75 gr butter
    juice from 1 lemon

    300 ml cream
    Fruit or chocolate

    Beat the egg whites until they form stiff firm peaks, add the sugar and continue to beat for a while. Add the Rice Crispies. Spread out everything on a buttered oven paper that’s been placed on a baking pan. Bake in the oven for about 80 minutes, 125 degrees Celcius. Let the cake cool a bit in the pan before you turn it up and remove the paper.

    Mix all the ingredients for the custard, beside of the butter, in a sauce pan. Heat gently and whisk constantly until the the custard thickens, don’t allow it to boil. Remove the sauce pan from the heat and add the butter. Let the custard cool.

    Cut the cake in half, put the lemon custard on one half and cover with the other one. Whip the cream and spread it out on the cake. Decorate with Strawberries or what ever you like.

15 Responses to “Sugar High Friday #12 – Rice Crispies Meringue Cake with Lemon Custard”

  1. Nupur
    September 17th, 2005 01:33

    A rice crispies cake! wow, thats so unusual…it looks beautiful, very professionally decorated!

  2. Lena
    September 17th, 2005 13:20

    Ååå den ser underbart god ut. Halvbrosan Janson hälsar till Gideon.

  3. Cissi
    September 17th, 2005 17:08

    Kul att du gillade den! Den ser verkligen jättefin ut!

  4. Nic
    September 17th, 2005 19:38

    What a cute idea! I love the cake.

  5. Pille
    September 20th, 2005 17:38

    What a beautiful cake, Dagmar! Strawberry cake is my favourite one during summer, but I’ve never had it with lemon custard before – sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Catesa
    September 20th, 2005 18:25

    ohhhh i need a fork to eat that whole thing right now :)

  7. Judith in Umbria
    October 11th, 2005 09:25

    Once in the 1960s I made a pie from a magazine that had a crust of meringue, crushed cereals and chopped nuts. The filling was raw fruits– blueberries, strawberries and peach halves– held with a lemon glaze. It was superb. I lost the recipe.
    I think using your recipe I can copy it. Thanks!

  8. Dagmar
    October 11th, 2005 20:07

    Thanks to you all :-) And thanks again to Cissi for publishing the recipe in the first place!

    Judith, that recipe that you write about sounds so delicious! Good luck with re-creating it!

  9. Johnston
    January 12th, 2010 16:21

    Found your site through google search. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Looking forward to more. Thanks!

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