Blackberries in Pannacotta Cake

My brother has been very busy the last weeks as he’s selling his house so we havn’t had our weekly dinners. But yesterday we finally had our dinner for the first time in a long time. The dinner that I served was the salmon and potato gratin that we had at Andreas’ place some time ago, I’ll post a recipe for that the next time I’ll make it but actually it’s really easy as you can read in the old post. For dessert my brother had bought the above fabulous cake from Conditori Chocolatier Steinbrenner & Nyberg, and it was delicous! Me and Fredrik just ate the leftovers from yesterday with a nice cup of tea. The cake is called Björnbär i Pannacotta (Blackberries in Pannacotta) and it is so yummy! The cake contains a lovely almond bottom, blackberry mousse and an Italian vanilla Pannacotta. It is decorated with white chocolate, green leaves, Blackberries and some jelly. Delicious delicious!!! I just love the cakes from Steinbrenner & Nyberg.

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  1. Anne
    September 16th, 2005 04:48

    Beautiful!! Have to check out that place next time I’m on your side of the country – it looks so amazing!

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