Weekend Cat Blogging 14

It’s time for weekend cat blogging again. Each weekend food Bloggers around the world share pictures of their cute cats. Just send your permalink in a comment to Clare at Eat Stuff and add a “Weekend Cat Blogging” tag to your post.

I love the above photo of Yoshi and Tanuki, they were about 6 months old when the photo was taken and now they are almost 2.5 years. They always slept together when they were kittens, but nowadays Yoshi wants to sleep alone. I really hope that Tanuki will be able to sleep with Gideon some day, because I know that he miss to cuddle up. Unfortunately the 3 cats are not best friends yet, but I really hope that day will come soon. One hour ago they all had a big fight (for the first time thought) that we had to interrupt so I’m a bit sad at the moment. But I’m still hoping that everything will be fine, and that they just have to settle their order of rank. Most of the time they just look at each other in peace.

The below photo was taken during the same period as the above one. Notice that the left “radiator bed” is empty and that they prefer to crowd in the right one :-)

10 Responses to “Weekend Cat Blogging 14”

  1. Clare Eats
    September 10th, 2005 14:01

    So cute :) I hope they all become friends! I am sure they will all get along real soon especially since they are living in such a nice family .

  2. OsloFoodie
    September 10th, 2005 16:51

    Oh my goodness, love these photos!

  3. linda
    September 10th, 2005 20:40

    Oh my god! how adorable!

  4. Catesa
    September 10th, 2005 21:19

    arent they sweet! i love the orange with the gray they compliment eachother very nicely :)

  5. boo_licious
    September 11th, 2005 12:18

    They are so cute together especially the first picture. Hope Gideon gets along with both of them soon.

  6. Papilles et pupilles
    September 11th, 2005 20:05

    so cute !

  7. Mathilde
    September 12th, 2005 08:25

    I know I am boring, always saying the same. But what else can I say? They ARE cute…

  8. keiko
    September 15th, 2005 17:57

    Dagmar – I can’t resist, they are too cute!

  9. Sweetnicks
    September 15th, 2005 21:07

    That first picture is absolutely adorable!!

  10. Kjersti
    August 7th, 2011 13:45

    Adorable photos! Cute cats! Can I ask where you purchased the radiator bed to the right in the picture? I have tried to get one of those, but I cannot find them anywhere, and I don’t know the brand name…

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