Weekend Cat Blogging 12

It’s time for weekend cat blogging again. Each weekend food Bloggers around the world share pictures of their cute cats. Just send your permalink in a comment to Clare at Eat Stuff and add a “Weekend Cat Blogging” tag to your post.

Last weekend we went to Uppsala to get our new sweetheart Gideon. We borrowed Fredrik’s parents car and first drove up to Stockholm, driving from home at noon. I think that it took us 6 hours of driving to get there, but we stopped a few times to stretch our legs and to have a nice picnic by the lake Vättern. Saturday evening we spent in Stockholm with some friends where we also slept and on Sunday morning we went to Uppsala, first to visit Fredrik’s grandmother and finally to meet Gideon for the first time. He was absolutely lovely and it felt unreal to meet him. We didn’t stay long as we had a long drive home, and then we put him in our cat carrier and started the ride home. He was very calm and sweet during the trip. We stayed a few times and let him out in the car. We didn’t come home until 11:30 PM. You probably want to know how Yoshi and Tanuki reacted? Well, they were really nice and kind to Gideon but as he’s 9 months old and hadn’t met any cats since his “kittenhood” at Anne’s cattery Hufflepuffs, he just snarled and screamed everytime he got close to the other cats. We didn’t sleep much the first night… Fredrik had to catch the first flight to London next morning and I felt really sorry for him. Myself I took the day off to supervise the cats. The cats were never aggressive towards each other, but Gideon snarled all week even if he still was very curious and followed the others. Each day was better and better, and it was really relaxing to see the progress.
Today, after one week it’s still not perfect but they still don’t fight and Gideon only snarls sometimes. He actually manages to sniff on the other cats without a sound. At night he sleeps with us in the bed and he’s really social. The only bad thing about him is that he can open doors, so we have to keep the outer door locked all the time :-)

2 Responses to “Weekend Cat Blogging 12”

  1. Anne
    August 28th, 2005 22:11

    He looks so at home! I absolutely love the picture where he’s playing with Tanuki’s tail. :) I hope it’ll keep going this well – it sounds great! :)

  2. Clare Eats
    August 29th, 2005 05:13

    Dagmar I am so glad you jopined in, I was keeping my fingers crossed so that I could here about Gideon! I know he will be a settled part of your lovely family soon :)

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