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Sunday Smoothie

Sunday, July 3rd, 2005

Smoothie with fresh mango and banana, frozen
bilberries, vanilla yoghurt, milk and wheat bran.

Two weeks ago we went on a rather crazy (but planned) shopping spre, which among other things resulted in a beautiful and great dishwasher and a blender, or actually a smoothie blender with a cute tap. The dishwasher is a blessing, as the kitchen and livingroom is integrateded and thus you see the kitchen all the time. I just love the dishwasher, it’s great! The smoothie blender is great as well, we didn’t have any blender earlier and decided for this one and now we drink smoothies to breakfast every weekend, they are so easy to make and incredible delicious. Fill the blender with liquid up to the “liquid mark” and then add fruit up to the “frozen ingredients” mark. Make sure not to add any sugar to make the smoothie extra healthy, and add some wheat bran aswell.

Smoothie with frozen bilberries, fresh banana, vanilla
yoghurt and milk. Before and after.

Refreshing and delicious smoothies.

Lovely… what more can I say?