Summer food at my brother’s house

Pasta with fresh tomatos, olives, chili pepper, onion and feta cheese.

Yesterday was Wednesday, and by now most people know that it’s my weekly dinner day with my brother. Unfortunately Fredrik was busy, so I went to my brother alone as it was his turn to cook. As I’m on a stupid self-inflicted diet ( I just want to loose a few kilograms), I eat something called “Nutrilett” for breakfast and lunch and then I eat a normal meal for dinner. Nutrilett consists of both powder mixes and bars, some of them are rather tasty and some of them taste like s*** :-) Anyway, I was incredible hungry when I arrived at my brother’s house yesterday and he served a delicious dinner. We ate pasta and a sauce that consisted of fresh tomatoes, onion, green olives, chili pepper and feta cheese. To that we had some lovely tzatziki. We also had something that I love to eat during summer, our mother does it all the time and I don’t think that it actually has a name. It basically just cottage cheese, sour cream, radishes and spring onion. It is really delicious and great to eat with fresh bread on hot summer days. For dessert we hade sweet strawberries with whipped cream. I can’t describe how lovely the strawberries were, I havn’t had so delicious and sweet strawberries for many years. They are only sold in Sävedalen, on the border to Gothenburg.

Cottage cheese with sour cream, radish, and spring onion.


Sorry about the photo quality, the photos were taken with my cell phone.

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