I scream, you scream, we all scream for….

My parents dropped by a few minutes ago with a big ice cream delivery for me and Fredrik… They’ve been on a ice cream sale (?!!!!) at Triumf Glass, a Swedish ice cream company. So now we have a box with 24 Twix ice cream bars, orange sorbet with mango, strawberry sorbet, cappuccino ice cream, hazelnut ice cream, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, pecan ice cream….. LOADS OF ICE CREAM!!! I know what I’m having for dinner tonight…. :-D
Edited May 28th 2005: My parents dropped by with more ice cream… Today I got another box of Twix, 2.5 litres of Strawberry Sorbet, 1 litre Vanilla Ice cream and 0.5 litre Banana Caramel Pie Ice cream… The whole freezer is full of ice cream… Help! :-)

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  1. Anne
    May 25th, 2005 21:22

    Niiiiice. I wonder how that strawberry sorbet is? Please report back! :)

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